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  • New JU 2000E

    New JU 2000E

    A self-elevating drilling unit, designed for all-year harsh-environment operation in approximately 400 feet of water. Read More
  • Schramm T200XD

    Schramm T200XD

    Ideally suited for shallow gas, surface hole, CBM, directional and large diameter drilling applications with mud or air. Read More
  • Atlas Copco T4W

    Atlas Copco T4W

    Hydraulic top-head-drive drill rig designed for water well and other applications requiring air or mud rotary, as well as down-hole hammer drilling methods. Read More
  • Frac Pumps

    Frac Pumps

    Well fracturing is important to promote a flow path between the reservoir rocks and the well itself. Provides a safer method to break up the rock, and uses high pressure frac fluid and proppants to open the well. Read More
Saturday, April 13, 2024

About Us

Mission statement

Total Drilling Supply was created with the concept of providing top quality used and new drill rigs and equipment to all businesses large and small. We are committed to providing our customers with the latest innovations the industry has to offer.

Corporate Vision

With the advancements of new technologies, the world has become a smaller place; we are able to interact with people around the globe as we would with people next door. Our vision is to connect businesses together while meeting each individual needs by creating a large web based listing of drill rigs and drilling equipment. We will soon boast the largest website with over 1,000 postings including mulitple photos of each item listed.

Who we are

“Total Drilling Supply LLC” (TDS) is a worldwide exporter of drill rigs and drilling equipment. We have direct contact with  drillers worldwide. Total Drilling Supply is the largest supplier in the world for used and new drilling rigs and drilling equipment.  With the help from our numerous partners accessing multiple data bases, we are able to facilitate buyers more quickly.

What We Offer

  • Worldwide Equipment Rentals
  • Global Financing
  • Insurance
  • Complete Drill Rig Packages
  • Real and Knowledgeable Staff
  • Website Updated Daily
  • Trade INS on Used Equipment
  • Lease to Own Options
  • Turnkey Operations
  • Custom Built Rigs

What We Do

We utilize our website to present multiple photographs and specification to facilitate the sale of the client’s equipment and at the same time allow potential purchasers to view and compare products they are looking to buy. We market through email, telemarking, postcards, trade shows, magazines, direct mail, e-marketing “Constant Contact”, and meeting potential clients in person. The more time equipment sits around the more it loses value and depreciates. Our company will help you by exposing your equipment on our website. When buying new equipment, you can put $$$ in your pocket saving 30-35% on taxes as you trade in your fully depreciated equipment.