Sunday, May 19, 2024
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Speedstar SS-15 #R1801
Speedstar SS-15 #R1801 Price:$120,000.00 speedstar ss-15

Product Description




Mounted on a 1978 International tandem axel truck

400 Cummins Engine

Front tires almost new back tires 50% all lights work

SRS #1665 SS-15 III

Three winches

One for top head

One for hoist line both heavy duty with 4-part lines  

One sand line with two part block all mechanical clutches

Top head has over 70,000 pounds of torque

Pull up and pull down

Bean water injection pump

256S2 Leroi air compressor we believe its 350 CFM at 250 PSI

3 X 4 centrifugal pump (can easily mount piston pump all apparatus is still in place)

Single arm loader or leave rod on top head and use as Kelly type

Retractable table, breakout wrench, subs, hoist plug,

Lifting system, lots of miscellaneous tools and subs, drill bits available with rig.

The rig comes with 300-feet of 4 1/2 inch drill pipe with 3 ½ IF threads box ends have flats.

This rig is in perfect mechanical condition just came off a large well project. It is set up to go straight mud, straight air and reverse air efficiently