Thursday, November 30, 2023
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2005 Schramm T130XD #R1425
2005 Schramm T130XD #R1425 Price: $795,000 schramm t130xd


Mainly drilled shallow oil wells, with a little coal bed methane.
Deepest this rig has been around 3,400 feet
The two stage air compressor has hardly been used since we do not drill with air
Rig switched over to 4 ½” bottle neck drill pipe and use a set
of power tongs to break the pipe.
Here are some of the things we have replaced on our T130 over the past few months.
1 ¼” pull back cables
main sheaves & I believe we have an extra sheave
pull down cables
new hydraulic motor in top drive
new hydraulic motor and hydraulic pump for Jib Boom
new torque limiter control valve, on panel
we change oil every 250 hours on deck engine
also comes with Doghouses, pipe tubs, and Emsco D-175 mud pump 
The odometer on the unit is showing 17,433.3 miles
The hours on the engine is showing 16,161.2 hours