Wednesday, March 22, 2023
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Gardner Denver PZ-9 #MP1098
Gardner Denver PZ-9 #MP1098 Price: $367,500.00 gd pzj pz-9


Gardner Denver Model PZJ (PZ-9) triplex, mud drilling pumps with standard features as described below.
•    1000 bhp continuous drilling service.
•    9" stroke.
•    130 rpm maximum
•    5,000 psig maximum pressure

Pump Performance / Operating Conditions:
•    See attached cut sheet

Standard Features:
•    Main bearings are double-row spherical roller bearings.
•    Double extended jackshaft running on heavy-duty straight roller bearings.
•    Gears are alloy steel, heat-treated, bolted onto the eccentric.
•    Connecting rods are fitted with roller bearing at both ends
•    Replaceable bronze crosshead slides in frame.
•    Full splash lubrication, with oil pumped to trough and gravity distributed to working parts.
•    Oil pump, full flow filter with replacement type element.
•    Oil lubrication pressure and temperature gauges.
•    Offset clamp type extension rods for superior alignment to minimize liner and piston wear.
•    Clamp on types piston rods.
•    Couplings to clamp extension and piston rod for ease of removing liners and pistons.
•    Fluid cylinders are individually-forged, heat-treated alloy steel
•    Fluid cylinders are "autofrettage", which greatly improves life.
•    Cylinders are interchangeable.
•    Suction and discharge manifolds, cast steel, with discharge connections on either side of pump and suction connection at center of suction manifold.
•    Bolted on rings with threaded lock covers for ease of valve maintenance.
•    Chrome liners and pistons (advise size at time of order placement).
•    Steel 3 rib valve seats and steel stem guided valves with urethane inserts.
•    Piston and liner lubrication and washing system. Model CA-122 rod washing pump driven from the pump jackshaft extension, and water tank for the rod wash system shipped loose.
•    Shipped on wood runners.
•    Bare pump weight: 24, 500 lbs.