Sunday, May 19, 2024
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OWI 1500HP #R1675
OWI 1500HP #R1675 Price: $8,400,000. owi 1500hp


 OWI  1500, 1500 hp grooved for  1 3/8 “ drill line, powered by two Joliet

electric  motors with hydraulic break out and make up cat heads and a 336 Eaton Brake.

4 -Caterpillar 3508B turbo assisted diesel engines with 4- 800kw generators

IDM system with 4 SCR cubicles to operate DC traction motors, 4 generator control cubicles,

motor control center complete with one 150 kva lighting transformer and one 750 kva 600/480 volt transformer.

(designed to operate a 1500 HP drawworks)

Superior Derrick Services  142’ H Cantilever Mast (800,000 static hook load)       with cat 4 inspection

Superior Derrick Services 25 ft. box on box rated at 800,000 lb.(with drop in spreaders)

(2) Gardner Denver PZ-11 triplex, each driven by two  752 GE engines equipped with external oilers and 40 hp

charging system

3 steel tanks, 1500 bbl capacity with desilter, desilter pump with 75 hp electric motor, desander,

shop built gas buster, dual Brandt linear motion shaker, mud agitators, mud guns, 100 bbl trip tank,

hand rails steps mud hoppers with two mixing pumps powered by 75 hp  electric motors, and vacuum degasser

Gardner Denver 400 ton with 6 - 1 3/8” sheaves.

National C-275 (27-1/2”)
1-11” 5,000 psi Shaffer “LWS” Double
1-11” 5,000 psi Shaffer “LWS” Single
1-11” 5,000 Hydril GK Annular
13 5/8” 5000 psi Shaffer “LWS” Double
13 5/8´5000 psi Cameron single
13 5/8” 5000 psi Shaffer Annular
3” X 5,,000” psi Choke Manifold

Steps, hand rails, cat walk suitcases ,
500 bbl water tank with three  3 x 4 centrifugals,
two 5120 Quincy air compressors, two air hoist, drill line spool,
rig lighting, derrick stand., top dog house, Mathey wire line unit,
parts house, 180 gal accumulator, derrick stand and misc. plumbing/casing.