Wednesday, March 22, 2023
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3000HP LeTourneau #LR628
3000HP LeTourneau #LR628 Price: $14,000,000 3000hp drilling rig 3000hp letourneau mud rotary drilling rig

Product Description

3000HP LeTourneau #LR628 "NEW"

2 Available

LTI Model LDW1500K Drawworks

Direct Gear Drive, for use with three (3) OEM TI1500 AC Vector Motors.

Although no Eaton type brake will be provided. The skid will be designed to hold one for a future option. HOISTING CAPACITY: 1,300,000 lbs. on 14, 1-5/8" dia. drilling lines.

POWER: Three (3) each OEM TI1500 AC Vector Motors with blowers; Continuous rating of the motor is 1,500 HP and intermittent rating for Drawworks duty is 2,250 HP.

MAIN DRUM: Bare tube is 36" dia. x 82" long; Lebus shell provides grooving for 1-5/8" dia. wireline. The drill line clamp located in the off-driller's side drum flange. Rubber tum-back rollers are provided on each drum cover.

BRAKING SYSTEM: The Drawworks is designed to raise, lower and hold the hook load with the electric drive motors. The motors provide sufficient torque capacity to control rated loads at rated speeds without emergency stopping and holding should the motor power fail. The emergency brakes should not be used tostop or hold the load in normal operation.

The disc-brake-system consists of two (2) heavy duty solid

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