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2000hp SCR Rig #R1784
2000hp SCR Rig #R1784 Price: Contact Us 2000hp scr rig

Product Description


2000HP SCR RIG  

Unit    Qty    Description

set     1    2000HP Drawworks, JC70D (API Spec 7)
                Max. Input power 2000 HP, 38mm (1-1/2") drilling line, Lebus grooved drum diameter 770mm,
                four forward four reverse speed, maximum line pull 12 lines is 485kN, and hoisting capacity
                in Low/Low with 12 lines is 450MT. It consists of drawworks body and power set.
                The drawworks body consists of drawworks frame, drum shaft, cat shaft with sand drum,
                speed change shaft and O-matic crown saver, etc. The power set consists of power input shaft and chain box etc.
                The drawworks body and power set are connected by flanges and bolts.
set      2    Drawworks DC motor, 800kW
set      1    Primary brake system: Hydraulic disc brake
set      1    electric brake handle
                Eddy current brake: Water cooling
set      1    Max. Braking torque: 110,000N.m at 50rpm.
set      1    Independent 40m3 cooling tank
set      1    Drawworks control console (Located in Drillers cabin)
               Drilling instrumentation
set      1    It can monitor the hanging load of the hook, pump pressure, rotary speed, rotary table   torque, power tong torque,
                pump stroke 1, 2 and 3, the pressure of standpipe, output volume of mud pump, the depth of the well,
                and the fluid level of mud tank. It also can use computer to record the parameters and data.
                Monitoring system
set      1    Mast and Accessories (API Spec 4F)
               JJ450/45-K Mast
set      1    K-type, cantilever mast, effective height 45 m. Max. Hook load 450Mt. It consists of derrick man climbing safety device,
                counter balance system for rig tongs and pipe spinning tong. The mast can be fit to install top drive. The mast conforms to API
                Spec 4F.c/w Adjustable casing stabbing board c/w Fast line guide for drilling line c/w Dead line guide for drilling line c/w Tubing board
set      1    Racking board0.5T
set      1    c/w 0.5MT air winch to aid the racking of DC 0.5T
set      1    Air Casing stabbing board
set      1    JZG41 Deadline anchor
                Derrick man’s escape device, including wireline, clips, thimbles and hand brakes, wireline
set      1    Substructure and Accessories (API Spec 4F)
               DZ450/10.5-S Substructure
set      1    Slingshot type, drill floor height 10.5m, Max. Capacity of rotary beam 450 Mt, Setback capacity: 220Mt.
                A 4m3 air receiver, a guide rail of BOP, a combination ramps and stairs, a mud umbrella are provided on bottom.
                The substructure conforms to API Specs 4F.
set      1    c/w V-door side
set      1    c/w Combination ramps and stairs
set      1    Ladder safety climb equipment
set      1    c/w Hydraulic buffer device for rig up and rig down
set      2    c/w Hydraulic hoist 1.5MT1.5T
set      2    Doghouse
set      1    5T air winch at end of catwalk  
set      1    Pipe Rack, 12 pcs
                Hydraulic driven 50MT BOP handling system
set      2    Hydraulic cathead
set      1    YM-16 Hydraulic cathead for breakout, Max. Pull 160kN  
set      1    1 1/2" Drilling line, 6x19S+IWRC, 1200m (API Spec 9A)
               Drilling line power spooler
set      1    Travelling equipment (API Spec 8A)
              TC450 Crown block (API Spec 4F\8C PSL1)
set      1    Max. Static Load 4500kN, six sheaves with 1524mm in diameter, one fast line sheave, one sandline sheave,
                four assistant sheaves with 400mm in diameter. It consists of 5Mt crane runway girder and wooden bumper.
                The crown sheaves orientation is flat.
                YC450 Traveling block
set      1    Max hook load is 4500kN, six sheaves with 1524mm in diameter, use 38mm drilling line in diameter. It conforms to API Spec 8C PSL1.
               DG450 Hook
set      1    Max. Load 4500kN. The open of the main hook is 220mm. The open of the assistant hook is 120mm. It conforms to API Spec 8C PSL1 With API monogram.
               SL450-5 Swivel (API Spec 8A)
set      1    Max. Static load 4500kN. Max speed: 300 r/min. Max. Working pressure: 34.3MPa. It conforms to API spec 8A. With Kelly spinner and API monogram.
set      1    c/w Kelly spinner (air powered)
                Rotary table, ZP375 (API Spec 7K)
set      1    Max. opening 952.5mm, Max. Static load 5850kN, Max. Speed 300 r/min. The gear ratio is 3.56. It conforms to API specs. 7K. With API monogram.
               Independent rotary table drive box
set      1    The rotary table is coupled with independent 800kW DC motor drive with speed chain transmission.
set      1    Rotary table DC motor, 800kW
set      1    Kelly bushing-Hexagonal
set      1    3 1/2” bushing roller
               5 1/4” bushing roller
set      1    Master bushing
set      1    Split master bushing for 37 1/2" rotary table, including insert bowls No.1, 2 and 3.
set      1    Casing bushing for 20"casing.
set      1    Master bushing device
set      1    Master bushing lifting device
set      1    Bushing lifting device
set      1    Flexible mouse whole clipper
ea.      1    Rotary table slip-proof skid
set      1    Bit breaker and adaptor (26", 22", 16", 12", 8-3/8", 5")
                Blowout protector (5", 3 1/2" drill pipe)
set      3    Mud pumps and equipment
                F-1600 Mud pump (Imperial)
set      6    each pump set consists of an F-1600 mud pump, motor base, V-belts, tightening device and belt guards, etc.
                Power of mud pump 1600 HP, Max. Displacement 46.54 L/S, Max. Pressure 34.3MPa.c/w Centrifugal charging pump, 6x8R, electric motor driven
set      1    Mud pump DC motor, 800kW
set      1    inflator 1V-0.27/150A
                High Pressure Mud manifold
               c/w pump discharge lines, ground lines, stand pipes, three rotary hoses (one each 65ft, &two ea. 75ft),
                valves and etc.
set    4    Rig power equipment
set    4    Diesel engine generators, Cat3512B+SR4
set    1    Diesel engine generators house
set    1    Auxiliary diesel engine generators, Cat 3406
             Auxiliary generators house
set    1    Switchboard and motor control centers
set    1    SCR and MCC system
set    1    c/w Wire ways and cable trays
             Well Site Standard Explosion Proof Circuit.
set    2    Rig service air system
set    1    Electric screw compressor
set    1    Air dryer
set    1    Cool starting unit
set    1    Air reservoir: 2.5m3 (Located in engine house)
set    1    Air reservoir: 4m3 (Located on substructure)
set         Mud system (API Spec 7K, 7L)
set    1    Six mud active tanks. Rated capacity: 2000 barrels (320 m3 , plus trip tank and pill tank), complete with three shale shakers,
                One mud cleaner with shale shaker, one vacuum degasser, one centrifuge, the necessary agitator, sand pump, mixing hopper,
                mud pump, buffer fly, pipe fitting and etc.
set    1    BOP and control equipment (API Spec 16A)
set    1    BOP Single ram type BOP
             13-5/8”- 5000 psi / Model “U”
set    1    BOP Double ram BOP
set    1    13-5/8”- 5000 psi / Model “U”
set    1    Double ram BOP 20-3/4” -3000psi
set    1    Annular BOP
set    1    ,20-3/4” - 3000 psi Annular BOP 20-3/4” - 3000 psi
set    1    Choke Manifold
             Choke Lines
set    1    Kill Lines
set    1    else parts
set    1    Miscellaneous
set    1    Hydraulic Power unit  
set    1    DH500 elevator links, Max load: 5000KN, API Spec 8A, L=3660mm (144")
set    1    DH350 elevator links, Max load: 3500KN, API Spec 8A, L=3300mm (130")
set    1    Wireline cutter (manual hydraulic driven)
set    1    Wireline dragging device
set    1    Tools and accessories for rig installation
set    1    Slings for rig installation
set    1    Fuel Tank with capacity 80m3
set    1    Oil Tank with capacity 5m3+5m3+5m3
        1    Water Tank with capacity 100m3
        1    BEISHI Top Drive DQ70/4500DB
        1    Charge for documentation and training