Thursday, June 08, 2023
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Maverick Triplex Package #MP1111
Maverick Triplex Package #MP1111 Price: $ 1,231,000.00 maverick-triplex-package

Product Description

NEW Gardner Denver Maverick Triplex Drilling Pump Package

1,500 HP, 7,500 PSI

Powered by NEW Caterpillar C-32 with Pacific Rim 2-Speed gear box

(3rd one ever built, this is a new product), belt-driven.

Comes complete with the following:

G20-7500 Pulsation Dampener

5-way discharge block

Discharge line and valve

Rupture pin technology pressure relief valve and line

Bleed off valve and line

Mud Gauge

Liner wash system

Lube system and tank for pump power end

Air Compressor

Day Fuel Tank

Work bench and parts cabinet

Pump package is rigged up in a 12’5”x37’ building with removable side wall.

Unit has been painted and tested.