Sunday, May 19, 2024
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Boart Longyear LM-90 #R1439
Boart Longyear LM-90 #R1439 Price: $475,000 each boart longyear



The LM™ 90 drill offers a very flexible platform that can be mix and matched to ensure the rig is set up specifically to meet the end users needs.


With your choice of power pack, feed frame, rotation unit and rod clamp you can be sure to put in as much power into the smallest footprint possible.



  • Automatic, high torque rod joint break out
    • Load sensing hydraulic circuitry to maximize power to the bit
    • 1300 series feed frame designed with conventional drilling in mind but can be set up for wire line easily
    • Reversible feed cylinder for increased depth capacity in up hole applications
    • Bent axis, variable displacement  hydraulic motor provides automatic speed adjustment so that maximum hydraulic power can be used across a wide range of speeds
    • Spring close foot clamp
    • 360° turntable
    • Dumping feed frame