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1981 Speedstar SS-40 #LR529
1981 Speedstar SS-40 #LR529 Price: Contact Us speedstar ss-40


1981 Speedstar SS-40

Mounted on an 8X4 Crane Carrier P/B Detroit 8V71

Detroit 6V71NA Engine with Allison Automatic Transmission

Speedstar 18" Rotary Table

Stacked Triple Drum Drawworks with PO-218 Air Clutches

Hydromatic Brake

Make-Up and Break-Out Catheads

Hydraulically Raised 60' Single Piece Derrick

Derrick Night Lights

McKisskick 50 Ton Three Sheave Traveling Blocks

King 50KG 3" Water Course Mud Swivel

4-1/2" X 38' Long Square Kelly

Four Hydraulic Leveling Outriggers