Monday, March 27, 2023
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XJ400 Service Rig #WR528
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Product Description

The rig is a double-drum, self-propelled rig.
Rated horsepower of engine is 450HP/2100rpm.
The maximum hook load is 225,000lbs (6 lines).
The height of mast is 104’.

The whole rig consists of 7 parts:

Power System
Engine: DDC S60 Transmission: M5610ARDB Fuel tank: 378.5L (100gal)
Muffler and spark arrester (mount on the engine exhaust pipe outlet)
Heat exchanger
Engine hood (protection net at DS, engine belt guard at ODS)

Steering mechanism
Frame, axles, front and rear suspension, etc
Single seat cab
Walkway and guardrail (DS side) Stairs to carrier
Tool box (cabinet type, 1 set
sliding-type, 2sets)

Drive System
Right angle gear box
Input and output chain and drive shaft Guard cover of chain

Drawworks System
Main drum & brake system (splash water cooling)
Sand drum & brake system (splash water cooling)
Air-actuated caliper disk brake (auxiliary brake)
Turnover combined drawworks frame

Mast and Traveling System
Racking board Crown block assy.
Folded type mast foundation Clinometer of mast
Load guylines (c/w bar type adjuster) and wind guylines
Mast red aviation lamp

Controlling System (hydraulic, air, electrical)
Main oil pump, steering pump
Telescoping cylinder, raising cylinder, leveling jack
3t (6,600lbs) hydraulic winches Hydraulic oil tank
Air compressor (using Bendix D-2/SV-1 unload relief valve), air dryer
Driller’s console (air system 20-ways) Valves, pipelines, joints
Battery box
Crown saver

Slings (used for transportation hoisting)
Heating devices (including preheater of engine, cab heater and defroster)
Simple platform on wellhead (the height can be adjusted)
Standpipe (41’6‖ in length)
Rod hanger