Monday, February 26, 2024
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Halliburton Cementing Pumps #PE232
Halliburton Cementing Pumps #PE232 Price: $250,000.00 each halliburton-cementing-pumps oil field production equipment

Product Description


HT400 Halliburton cementing pump packages .

1) 1 Each Used Halliburton HT400 Pump with 4-1/2” Plungers Refurbished with New
 Seats, New Valve Rubbers, New Discharge Passage Seals, New Packing, New
 Filters, New Oil and New Worm Drive Oil Seal, Coupled with a GM 8V71 Engine
(Fully Refurbished ), Radiator Cooled, and Allison HT750DR Transmission
(Fully Refurbished ) by a 3rdParty Shop. Maximum Pressure 11,200 PSI.
 Maximum Volume 10.6 bbl/min.  All on a Skid with Control Panel and Air Starter
 As is where is.