Monday, March 27, 2023
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Franks 80s Series #WR506
Franks 80s Series #WR506 Price: $711,000.00 each franks-80s-series

Product Description 

2- identical franks workover rigs 102' derricks newly certified
less than 6 months ago.

2 - Franks Workover rigs 80's series rated and currently working wells every
day up to 20,000' depth One derrick is a 215,000 # rig and the other is a
250,000 # rig they are sister rigs , just alike, both with series 60 detroit
engines, relatively fresh Derricks certified less than 6 months ago
5850 allison transmissions, come with fresh cables and blocks,1287-160 draw
works. Currently located and working in Oklahoma on locations.

Priced at $771,000.00 each tooled out