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Bauer 440 M2 #LR506
Bauer 440 M2 #LR506 Price: Contact Us bauer-440-m2

Product Description 

Bauer TBA 440 M2
Automated Deep Drilling Unit
Main Rig Structure Modules
Mast Specifications
Mast and Accessories
Cat line
Inspection and Service Lift System
Manual Tong Lifting Device
High Pressure Lines
BOP Hoisting System
Rig Up Panel
Hoisting Equipment
Drawworks E-2000-AC gear driven
Travelling Block
Drill Line Spool
Deadline Anchor
Pipe Handling System
BAUER Pipe Handler
Vertical Pipe Storage System
Catwalk and Pipe Racks
Drill Floor and Accessories
Drill Floor Handrails and Drill Floor Access
Driller Control Room (DCR)
Power Tong PT 100/800
Auxiliary Rotating Device
Hydraulic Slip Lifting Device
Master Bushing
Additional Main Components
Power Control Room - VFD (Variable Frequency Drive)
Top Drive
Top Drive BAUER TDK 65-500 E
Elevator Links
Hydraulic Elevators and Bushings
Hydraulic Power Unit HE 2100
Rig-up and Emergency Power Unit
Electric System
Color Camera System (CCTV)
Lighting and Signs
Walking System
Power Generation
Rig-up and Emergency Generator
Main Generator Set – Power House
Mud Pump 1,600 HP

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