Saturday, April 13, 2024
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Cardwell J-450 #WR505
Cardwell J-450 #WR505 Price: $1,075,000.00 cardwell-j450

Product Description 

Cardwell J-450 S/D

8,000 Foot


520 hp

1 1/8” Line

Kelco M.U. & B.O.


Single Engine Drive

Skidded, 15” Double Hyd Brake

Detroit Diesel Twin 6-71



Allison TC955 Torque Converter

Quincy Air Compressor

Sub Base:

11’6”H x 23’W x 40’L

Box Type Enclosed (winterized)

4- Steps

Deadman Anchor,

Hand Rails

Engine Shed Air Tank

Mission 2” x 2” Pump with 10 hp Electric Motor

Mud Line,

Stand Pipe Valve

7’ x 10’ x 7’ Possum Belly V- Door Air Compressor w/15hp Electric Motor

Rotary Table

Brewster 18” with Drive Bushings

100 Ton Swivel

40’ x 4” Square Kelly

Mud Pump

Cardwell V-1000 Quad with Q/C Caps

Bull Wheel, and Skidded

Mud Pump 218 Oil well

New Skid & House

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