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Trailer Mounted Frac Pump FPT 225
Trailer Mounted Frac Pump FPT 225 Price:Contact Us frac pump kimble


70,000 lb (31,752 kg) rated tandem axle, low profile, drop deck trailer.

        384"  (975.4  em) nominal  wheelbase.

      42.7" (108.5 em) nominal design ride height.

  • 120" (152.4 em) axle spacing.
  • Standard duty 2" (5.08 em) kingpin.
  • Front-mounted oil field style tow bar.

      Air-Ride rear suspension with suspension dump valve.

  • 445/65R22.5 Tires mounted on 22.5 X 13.00 Aluminum Wheels .

      16-112" (419 em) X 7" (17.8 em) S-Cam Brakes

      Automatic slack adjusters.

"     2S/1M Antilock Brake System (ABS)          38" (96.5 em) Beam Centers.

        Steel front & rear fenders mounted with bolt on brackets.

"     Removable frame crossmember for engine oil pan removal.        Pull-out access platform for Fluid End maintenance.

        RH Fender access for accessibility to fluid end and pump driveshaft .

"     Standard glad-hands and electrical connections, front mounted.         DOT compliant vehicle lighting and conspicuity tape.


  • Caterpillar 3512C ATAAC 3,574 in3/rev (58.6L), V-12, four-stroke Diesel Engine
    • US  EPA Tier 2 Emissions  Certification  produced  under  Kimble  Manufacturing EPA Flex Program  agreement.

o    2,250 bHP (1,678 bkW) @ 1,900 RPM

  • 6,910 lb-ft (9,368 N-m) Torque@ 1,400 RPM.  (7% Torque Rise) o      Turbocharged & Air-to-Air aftercooled.
  • Caterpillar No. DM8302-00. o      SAE 0 Flywheel Housing.
  • Engine mounted spin-on engine oil filtration filters (3). o      Frame mounted fuel filter (2).
    • Dual engine mounted shell & tube transmission coolers.
      • Single Envacon positive engine air intake shutdown valve with automatic engine over-speed protection,  electric/hydraulic  operation.
      • 24 VDC, 100 Amp alternator.
      • 24 VDC ECM & electrics.

"      Two (2) 2-Stage Air Cleaners with individual restriction indicators.    Two (2) intake air pre-cleaners.

 Dual 304/316 stainless steel exhaust system including spark arresting, commercial grade silencers, flex connectors & rain caps with forward facing outlet.

        15W40 Oil.


"      Caterpillar Model CX48-P2300 Automatic Petroleum Transmission       Gear Ratios:

0      1st       3.34:1

0     2nd      2.45:1

0     3rd      2.20:1

0     4th       1.81:1

o    5'h        1.62:1

0     6th       1.36:1

0     7th       1.19:1

0      gth       1.00:1

  • TC58927-ESLF Torque Convertor, 2.20:1 Stall Ratio.
    • Electro-hydraulic,  fully modulated, oil cooled, mnlti-disc clutches.

o    Caterpillar Electronic Clutch Pressure Controls (ECPC).

  • Top Mounted, SAE J704 8-Bolt PTO, 1.088:1 ratio, 150 HP rated.
  • Forward-facing  integral,  SAE J744 "C" PTO at 5 o'clock (as viewed  from rear) 1.216:1 ratio, 150 HP rated.
  • Transmission mounted, spin-on transmission planetary oil filter.
  • Transmission mounted, spin-on torque converter oil filter.       GWB 390.65 Series output flange.

        Internal output brake .

,     Caterpillar TDTO SAE 30 oil.


Cooling System:

        Copper Core All75 Cooling System

  • Grommeted tube & header design radiator and after-cooler cores.
    • Air-to-Fuel Cooler w/ -12 SAE Code 61 0-Ring Inlet & Outlet Ports
    • Power End Lube system Air-to-Oil  Cooler w/ -24 SAE Code 61 0-Ring Inlet &

Outlet Ports.

  • Hydraulic system Air-to-Oil Cooler w/ -12 SAE Code 61 0-Ring Inlet & Outlet Ports.
  • Beaded 06" (015.2 em) aftercooler inlet (2).
  • Beaded 08" (020.3 em) aftercooler outlet. o      03-112" (08.9 em) jacket water inlet (2).
    • 06" (015.2 em) jacket water outlet.
    • All remaining ports to be SAE 0-Ring Boss.
    • Lube Devices G635 Sight Glass mounted on RH side of expansion tank. o      LH & RH mounted decal placards.
      • 4-Point radiator mounting

                GE  Dresser  Style  flexible  pipe   couplings  used  as  required   for  additional  radiator connections .

      Low coolant sensor mounted in expansion tank.       Extended Life Coolant 50/50 mix.

 Hydraulic Driven Fan:

  • 4.33 in3/rev (71cc), Rexroth, variable displacement, closed loop, axial piston pump o      Integral1.20 in3/rev (19.6 cc) boost pump
    • Integral charge filter
    • Electronic bypass filter indicator o      SAE C, 2 & 4 bolt flange

"        Fan Pump direct mounted to lower LH, rear facing, front gear train PTO (1.33: 1 ratio).       Hydraulic pump control manifold direct mounted to pump:

  • 24VDC   electric  actuated        proportional   fan  control   solenoid  cartridge  valve

mounted in industry standard C-8-3 cavity.

  • 12.2 in3/rev(200cc), Rexroth Fixed Displacement, Bent Axis, Hydraulic Piston Motor. o      SAE J518 Code 62, 1-1/4" (3.2 em), service line ports, rear mounted.
    • DIN 5480 Splined Shaft W50 X 2 X 30 X 24 X 9 g o      4-bolt SAE D Flange

"        Zero-Max Overhung Load Adapter, SAE-D       084" (0213.4 em) steel fan.

  • Fan direct mounted to overhung load adapter shaft.
  • 02-1/2"  (6.35  em),  stainless  steel, glycerin  filled,  0-1,000  psi  (0-68.9 bar),  charge pressure gauge.

"        02-1/2" (6.35 em), stainless steel, glycerin filled, 0-7,500 psi (0-517.1 bar), loop pressure gauge.

"         10 gallon (37.8 L) capacity hydraulic reservoir mounted above hydraulic fan pump. o    Sight Gauge visible from 3- sides mounted on LH side of unit.

  • Filtered breather cap.
  • -20 Straight thread suction shut-off valve.
  • Shell Tellus S4 ME 46 Hydraulic Fluid.

 Start System:

  • Dual3.50 in3/rev hydraulic starter motors, SAE #3 Flange.
  • Hydraulic start valve with manual lever LH Side of unit.

"        Trailer mounted filter mounted in pressure line prior to starter valve.

"        -20 & -24 Series Thread-to-Connect Quick Disconnect fittings on 15' whips.

 Fuel System:

      Dual 200 gallon, 026" cylindrical aluminum fuel storage tanks. o      FHWA certification

  • 1 each -16 SAE 0-Ring Boss port at rear of tank.

"        1 each -16 SAE 0-Ring Boss crossover port with 01" (02.54 em) crossover line and shut-offball  valve.

"         1 each -12 SAE 0-Ring Boss draw tube port, engine fuel draw

    1 each -12 SAE 0-Ring Boss return tube port, engine fuel return "   2 each -12 SAE 0-Ring Boss draw tube port, Auxiliary fuel draw e    2 each -12 SAE 0-Ring Boss return port, Auxiliary fuel return

  • 3 each -12 SAE 0-Ring Boss drain port with  magnetic drain plug,  (1 each under  each

draw tube.)

  • Tank rollover breather vent

"        Mechanical fuel level gauge.    03" (07.6 em) fill neck.

"        3 each J-Brackets and straps per tank.

"        Primary fuel/water separator.

"        Engine mounted spin-on secondary fuel filter (2).

 Power End Driveshaft:

        GWB 390.65 Series Driveshaft.

  • Heavy duty 360° driveshaft guard.
  • Driveshaft contact guard with top access door to permit barring driveshaft when engine is not running.

 Triplex Frac Pump Power End:

        Gardner Denver Model GD-2250T Triplex Heavy Stimulation Pump Power End. o      2,250 HP (1,678 kW) rated

  • 6.353:1 Input Gear Ratio.
    • 8" Stroke.
    • 237,500 lb (107,719 kg) Rated Rod Load. o      330 RPM Max Speed
      • 4-1/4" Dia. keyed input shaft.
      • Breather Cap
    • GWB 390.65 input flange.
    • Power End Lubrication Circuit:

"        Hydraulic gear pump

  • 6.15 in3/rev (100.8 cm3/rev) displacement.
    • 1-112" (3.81 em) Gear width.
    • SAE 4 bolt, "C" Flange.
    • SAE C, 14 tooth spline, 01.25" (03.2 em). o      -24 SAE Code 61 inlet port.
      • -20 SAE Code 61 outlet port.
      • 42 gal/min predicted flow at 1,400 rpm engine speed. o      02" (1.2 em) suction hose.
      • 140 Gallon capacity hydraulic reservoir under-slung between the trailer frame rails. o      Rubber isolator mounted.
      • 03" (07.6 em) lug type butterfly valve direct mounted to tank.
      • Lube Devices Model G607 sight gauge mounted to LH frame rail web. o      Interior anti-vortex baffle.
        • Rectangular aluminum clean-out cover with o-ring gasket.
          • 04" (10.2 em) tank return port with Eaton Flex-master  connection.
          • SAE -6 0-Ring Boss port mounted in return line for temperature sensor port.
          • Fill neck

"        Parker IL2240SADM35Y9Y9 Series filter with electronic bypass indicator.       Thermostat manifold direct mounted to filter.

        100 lb/in2 (6.9 bar) relief valve mounted downstream of the power end lubrication rail.

"        04" (I0.2 em), stainless steel, glycerin filled, 0-300 psi (0-20.7 bar), lube pressure gauge, direct mounted to lube plumbing downstream oflube pressure rail.

  • Shell Omala HD ISO 220 synthetic gear oil.

 Frac Pump Fluid End:

        Gardner Denver Quintuplex Fluid End

  • Valve-Over-Valve   configuration.
  •  Plunger Diameter: Customer Specified. o      06" (2.4 em) log-style suction manifold
  • Two (2) 03" 1502 male discharge flange connections. "      Coorstek intake suction stabilizer.

"        06" Schedule 40 Intake pipe with Style 75 Victaulic coupling at the inlet manifold .

      Dual04" (10.2 em) inlet connections mounted on the back of the unit, angled downward 30° to facilitate easy hose connection .

      Dual04" (10.2 em) ABZ butterfly valves. o      Cast iron housing

  • 17-4 Stainless steel disc & stem.

"        04" (10.2 em) Male 206 Series hammer-lock connections with caps at suction inlets.       Aluminum grease catch tray..

 Plunger Lubrication System:

      Beka-Max EP-1 automatic grease system.

  • 5 individually adjustable, positive displacement Pumping Elements, 0.11 in3/in

(1.83 em3/in) max output/Pump Element.

  • Rated for lubricants from NLGI 000 - NLGI 2
    • Programmable pump control based on driveline RPM.
      • 5-point lubrication manifold for with individual zerk fittings to permit individual

grease actuation on any plunger.

  • Quick disconnect fill couple direct mounted to lubrication pump assembly.
  • Electronic grease level sensor.

"        Grease system mounted in protective enclosure mounted on LH side of unit.

  • Enclosure to include window to permit viewing of grease system operation and


      Individual17-4 PH stainless steel check valves, 10,000 psi (690 bar) rated.


High Pressure Discharge Piping:

      All High Pressure discharge piping to be Fig. 1502 rated at 15,000 psi NSCWP unless otherwise noted.

Control System:

"        Lime Instruments FPC-230-Teir II/CAT Conventional Frac Pump Control System. o      CS-230-Teir IVCAT Pump Control Module Including:

"     Transmission Filter Monitor

  • Remote electric engine restart control.
    • Transmission oil pressure monitor
    • Transmission oil temperature monitor
    • Power end lube oil pressure monitor
    • Power end lube oil temperature monitor
    • Fluid end discharge pressure monitor
    • Fluid end boost pressure monitor
    • Fluid end packing lube pressure monitor
    • Engine E-Kill switch
    • Engine E-Kill position sensor
    • Handheld remote control for single unit operation.
    • Configurab1e for multi-pump control.
      • 200' (61 m) Cable for remote single unit operation.

      Manual Cable Reel capable of stowing 225' of 10/3 cable.


Equipment Stowage:

  • One (1) 36" (91.4 em) wide X 18" (45.7 em) tall X 18" (45.7 em) deep aluminum toolbox with steel reinforced bottom for general tool storage.


  • Two (2) 24 VDC LED Work lamps mounted on the rear of the radiator structure facing rearward and illuminating the left and right side, mid-way back the unit.

      Two (2) 24 VDC LED Work lamps mounted on the top of the power end facing rearward and illuminating the left and right side, rear of the unit.

"      Two (2) 24 VDC LED Work lamps mounted  on the rear of the engine, facing rearward and down, illuminating the driveshaft area.

"      One (1) 24 VDC LED Work lamp mounted on the front LH side of the radiator facing downward and illuminating the egress path on the LH side of the unit.

        One (l) Blue Strobe light mounted at rear of unit and wired to indicate transmission brake is released.


Hydraulic Plumbing:

..    All hydraulic hoses assemblies to be completed using Parker Hannifin components with

·elastomeric seals at each connection point, certified under the Parker GPP Program.

"     All hydraulic plumbing to be completed by assembly technicians certified in the Parker Hannifin, Genuine Parker Parts (GPP) Program.



  • Unit will be painted with an Endura 2K paint system.  The system shall include a prime coat, top coat and clear coat.
  • Paint scheme will be per customer specification ..

General Assembly Practices:

"     In general all hose and wire routings will be completed in such a manner as to avoid contact with other components, hard metal surfaces and will avoid close proximity with hot surfaces such as exhaust manifolds etc.

"      Hose and wire routings will be completed in a serviceable fashion to permit maintenance and repair without inordinate disassembly of the unit.

  • Where hose and wire routings come in contact with metal surfaces they will be protected with rub guards, as required.

"     All hose assemblies will be produced under standard industrial practice that includes: o      All hose assemblies will be completed in a clean enviroument.

  • After cutting to length hoses will be cleaned with a pneumatic pellet system.
  • Hoses will be crimped to manufacturer specifications  by properly  trained  and certified personnel and all crimps will be measured to verifY crimp diameter when completed.
  • Once completed,  all hose assemblies will be protected  from contamination prior

to final assembly on the unit via caps or plugs installed into each end of the hose.       SAE Grade 8 or 10.9 bolts will be used as required at all necessary connections.

"     All bolted assemblies will be torqued to recommended range for each assembly.


Each unit will have recorded the following Serial Numbers: 


o o

Engine Transmission








Trailer YIN



Hydraulic Fan Pump

Hydraulic Fan Motor







          "        Standard pump testing shall be carried out on each individual unit. "      Testing shall include:

  • Start-up and run-in:
  • All testing conducted with water only.
    • Pressure testing in all gear ranges at, or near, maximum rated pump specifications (30 minutes per gear)
    • 1 hr minimum HP durability test. "      Monitored test parameters:
      • Engine coolant temperature & oil pressure.
      • Transmission temperature & oil pressure. o      Engine & Transmission alarms.
      • Hydraulic fan circuit operation and temperature. o      Power end lube pressure & temperature.
        • Fluid End grease operation.
        • Discharge pressure & rate.


  • Individual final test report

         1 Electronic, detailed & illustrated as-built parts manuals supplied for unit. Optional  Equipment:

Quintuplex Frac Pump Power End IPO Triplex Power End:

  • Gardner Denver GD2500Q Quintuplex 2500 HP Heavy Stimulation Pump. o       6.353:1 Input Gear Ratio.
    • 8" Stroke.
      • 196,350 lb Rated Rod Load.
      • 330 RPM Max Speed
      • 04" (010.2 em) keyed input shaft.
      • Breather Cap

      GWB 390.65 input flange.