Wednesday, September 27, 2023
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1989 CME 95 #R1596
1989 CME 95 #R1596 Price:$190,000 cme 95 environmental

Product DescriptionTruck

1984 Mack
467,453 miles
Air conditioning
Webasto engine heater installed 2001 at 460,707 miles
4 new tires at 462,200 miles

7222.6 hours
Replaced rotary box bearings and kelly bar bushings
Installed kill switches
Air line for air tools
Replaced fluted kelly and hydraulic chuck assembly, 2001
3J King water swivel
CME 1800# wireline installed 2002
Centerline pump installed 2002
Rig and truck sandblasted and painted 2003
425 gallon water tank
Cummins diesel engine
quick tower disconnect for low clearance drilling
Automatic CME 140# sample hammer
12,000# front carrier winch
four hydraulic leveling jacks
drillers platform
hydraulic auger racks
removable custom toolbox for left auger rack
1989 Drilling rig mounted on 1984 Mack RD686S 4-axle truck with pusher axle, 4 hydraulic
leveling jacks, new steer tires, King 3J water swivel, Webasto Thermo 90 heater for rig and truck
engines, CAT 3208T diesel deck engine at 250 HP, slide base and wag tail, CME auto hammer,
hydraulic breakout wrench and rod jaws, drillers’ platform, hydraulic chuck and fluted kelly bar,
31,000 ft-lbs torque, quick mast disconnect, hydraulic hoists