Saturday, April 13, 2024
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Cardwell 500HP #R1818
Cardwell 500HP #R1818 Price: 250,000.00

Product Description

DRAWWORKSCardwell model D Single Drum Drawworks 500HP, Tulsa Makeup & Breakout Catheads, LEBUS Grooved for 1-1/8” Line, Air Drillers Console, PARMAC 22” Hydromantic Brake, Air Compressor Compound Driven.


POWER: 1 DETROIT Series 60 Diesel Engines (New) Complete With All Standard Accessories, 560 HP, ALLISON TC955 Torque Converter.

MAST LEE C. MOORE 126’H, 320,000# Gross Nominal Hook Load 282,000 SHL with capability to remove 30’ section and used as a double if so desired, 11’ 6” Leg Spread, (4) 30” & (1) 36” Sheaves Grooved for 1-1/8” line, 4” Standpipe, Tong Weights, Wireline Tie down, Lights, Derrick Stand, Transport Dolly.

SUBBASE LEE C. MOORE, 9’H x 16’W x 36’L sub base, 4’ pony sub, 

200,000# Casing Load with 200,000# set back,
400,000# total substructure capacity, Enclosed, Handrails, (3) Sets of Stairs,
V-Door Ramp, 8’tall wind walls.

CATWALK42”H x 5’W x 40’L (2) Piece Catwalk.

PUMP #1IDECO T-500 Triplex, PB 500 HP Series-60 Detroit, PulsationDampener, Gauge, Shear Relief Valve all enclosed in house with 5x6 mission magnum charge pump powered by 50 hp GE electric motor.

PUMP #2IDECO T-500 Triplex, PB 500 HP Series-60 Detroit, Pulsation Dampener, Gauge, Shear Relief Valve all enclosed in house 

with belt driven 5x6 mission magnum charge pump.

BLOCK/HOOKWHELAND 150 Ton (4) Sheave Block, Grooved for 1-1/8” Wire, w/WEB WILSON 150 Ton Hydra Hook.

ROTARY TABLE OILWELL 17-1/2” Rotary Table, 44” Center, Split Master Bushing.

As well as 270 KW generator Powered by Perkins 2000 series

MUD SYSTEM 600 bbl capacity Top Walkway, Desilter, Bottom Mud Guns, Handrails, Steps (3), Runner Skid, mixing hopper
(3) 5 x 6 Centrifugal Pumps w/50 HP Electric Motors. SWACO: linear motion shale shaker.

DOGHOUSE 8’W x 20’L Top Doghouse, Knowledge Box, Lockers, Storage Benches, Lights, 4’ Porch at one end.
WATER 200 bbl Water Tank with (2) pump 2.

FUEL TANKS 8000 Gallons with (2) fuel pumps.


ROTARY HOSE 3” x 55’ Rotary Hose, 4000 PSI Test, 4” Connections.

KELLY 4-1/4” x 40’ OAL Square Kelly, 6-5/8” Reg. LH Box Up, 4-1/2” XH Pin Down.

KELLY DRIVE BAASH-ROSS 2RCS4 Kelly driver bushing for 4-1/4” Square.
SUBS 2 Bit subs 4 H-90 box X 4 ½ Reg. box. (2) Cross over subs from 4fh box to 4H-90 pin.
2 Saver Subs 4 FH box X 4 FH pin with brass wear guard.
1 Lower Kelly Valve 4 FH box X 4 FH pin.
1 Full open Safety Valve 4 FH box X 4 FH Pin. (2) 4 ½” xo box X 4 FH pin.
1 Upper Kelly Valve 6 5/8” LH Box X 6 5/8” LH pin. (1) 4” H-90 box X 6 5/8” Reg. Pin. (1) IBOP 4 FH box X 4 FH pin.

MISCELLANEOUS 3 x 4 Water Pump w/ 25HP Electric Motor, 2”x 3” water pump with 15hp electric motor, Hydraulic Wireline Measuring Unit, Bit Breakers, and Etc.

CHANGE HOUSE 8’x 20’ Change House with LUBSTER 3 Compartment Oil Lubster bunker, barrel rack and handling