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Natural Gas Power Plant 8MW #E500
Natural Gas Power Plant 8MW #E500 Price: $2,295,000.00 natural-gas-power-plant

Product Description 

Used Power Plant

Caterpillar natural gas generator sets 8MW (4 x G3520).

Low Emission 2000 KW (2430 KVA) continuous power,

2689 HP, 1500 RPM, 50 HZ, Com. Ratio 11.3:1,

Alternator SR4B, 11000 Volts,

Electrical start,

Double bearing generator,

Parallel to grid mode.

The plant including: 4 CAT G3520, Remote radiators (Cooler), Synchronizing panel between 4 gensets, Battery charger panel for 4 gensets, and switch gear, Gas trains. All the panels manufacturing with Schneider Electric, Exhaust system, EMCPII panel, Jacket water heater, Air inlet system.

Co-generation system:

Bono Energy

Made in Italy:

NEW (never used).

The proposed steam generator is designed in order to recover heat

from flue gases of 4 gas fired engines CAT G3520 rated 2MW/each.

The boiler shall be positioned downstream the 4 engines and the flue gases shall be

collected in one single duct up to the generator flue gas inlet.

Each of the 4 engines shall be provided with dampers and a by-pass stack

(as by pass duct it will be used the engine exhaust with muffler),

the final stack will be a single unit.

The heat Recovery Steam Generator will supply the saturated steam flow to the plant

steam header and will be integrated from the steam generated by

the existing fire tube boilers as per process needs.


1 x 2007 & 3 x 2008

Operating hours:

Gen # 1: 9820 Hrs.,

Gen # 2: 7960 Hrs.,

Gen # 3: 9930 Hrs.,

Gen # 4: 8470 Hrs. (Since new).

Serial Number:



Very good (Ready to work)




10 – 15 business days to any port in EGYPT


The power plant start working August/2009, and stopped from April/2011,

but still working as stand-by,

the price not including disassemble the plant.

On-site inspection is available by appointment only.

Disassemble for power plant:

Not including the price. (Should be add).

Desistance between the factory and Alexandria port:

Approximately Six (6) hours