Monday, February 26, 2024
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Drillmec G38 #R2004
Drillmec G38 #R2004 Price: Contact Us drillmec g38 water well rig



G38 Second Hand

Drillmec second hand G38, fully hydraulically driven, 3-axle truck mounted drill rig able to drill water well depth up to 600 m with 8 5/8” – 10 3/4” hole.

The G 38 permits maximum flexibility and cost effective usage of all mounted equipment and is able to provide a full actual 38,970 kg  pullback capacity (intermittent).

In addition the features low effort control system for all set-up, drilling and pipe handling functions, making possible safe and economical operation with minimal crew size. The hydraulic system is sized to provide a wide range of rotation torque and speed performance as well as high hoist rates for reduced drill string tripping time.

Arranged for air and mud drilling with deck-mounted air compressor and mud pump.

G - 38

  • Power is supplied from main engine Deutz BF8M 1015CP 536HPpower @ 1900 rpm through the transfer case.
  • Clearance between the spindle and the working table: 8,5 m.
  • Static pull back capacity: 38,970kg (85914 lbs)
  • Power swivel designed to provide the drilling speed and torque characteristics required for tri-cone rotary bits and down-the-hole hammers.