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Atlas Copco XRVO1550/365 #AC1029
Atlas Copco XRVO1550/365 #AC1029 Price:$185,000 atlas copco xrvo

Product Description

  • Technical Data
  • Nominal Pressure:365 psi,25 bar
  • 1550 cfm
  • U.S. oil capacity"20.1 gallons
  • 2"air outlet
  • Caterpillar Engine,C18 Twin turbo
  • 700 Horsepower,Engine Speed(nominal)1800 rpm,Engine speed(unloaded)1300 rmp
  • Unit Dimensions LxWxH
  • With Push Fan:157.5x86.6x80.7(inches)
  • With pull Fan:157.5x86.6x90.6(inches)
  • Single service Slide
  • Compressor control panel
  • Standard fuel filters(10 micron and 3 micron)
  • Heavy duty dual fuel filters(optional)
  • Electric fuel primer
  • Engine oil filters
  • Engine oild top up tank (optional)
  • Engine air filters
  • Compressor air filters
  • Oil vessel separator
  • Air outlet valve
  • Spill pan (under unit)
  • Emergency stop button
  • Batteries
  • FuelXpert(supplied as standard)
  • External fuel connections(supplied as standard)
Available options
  •  Aftercooler with water separator and bypass valve
  • Particulate and oil mist filers
  • Oiltronix(standard supply on 435psi/30bar)
  • Dual pressure switch
    (only for 435 psi/30bar)
  • Cold weather equipment
  • Engine coolant preheater
  • 100 psi/7 bar service air outlet
  • Refinery equipment(inlet shutdown valve and spark arrestor)
  • Night lights with time
  • Wireless remote control

Extended warranty
In combination with out different service programs and Oiltronix,we offer extended warranty up to 5 years

Key Features
  •   Benefits
  • Very high air flow
  • Reduced fleet size
  • Booster feed compressor from single unit
  • Very high ambient
  • Operate in ambient temperatures up to 55c/131f
  • Push or pull fan
  • Integration in OEM equipment
  • Pull fan is standard for the aftercooler installation
  • Low relative weight
  • Meets standard road hauling axle limits
  • Compact size
  • Easy fitment in OEM installation
  • Standard 20 ft container transport(removable pull fan top air duct)
  • Single Service side
  • Effective and Fast service time
  • Equipment can positioned optimally with an installation
  • Pull fan or Push fan