Thursday, June 08, 2023
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Fracturing Unit #FPT226
Fracturing Unit #FPT226 Price:$1,090,000.00 fracturing-unit

Product Description 

Trailer Mounted Fracturing Unit

Model YLT105-2500

This trailer mounted fracturing unit consists of

the Tandem-axle low frame trailer



plunger pump

hydraulic system

lubrication system

suction manifold system

high pressure manifold system and instrument control system.

Engine (Deck)

Model: MTU 12V 4000 S83L diesel engine (computer control)

Power: 2,500 bhp (1,837 kW)@1,900 rpm

Type: four-stroke, water-cooled, turbo-charged, intercooled

Starting Method: hydraulically

Transmission (Deck)

Model: Allison S9825A

Max. Input Power: 2,500 hp (1,864 kW) Max. Input

Speed: 1,900 rpm

Control Mode: computer control