Monday, February 26, 2024
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Attachment Kit for Excavator
Attachment Kit for Excavator Attachment Kit for Excavator Price:$168,300 wolf attachment kit for exavator

Product Description

Available items:

  • Hydraulic Centralizer;
  • Rod’s Greaser;
  • Rod Changer;
  • Slide Hood;
  • Hose Reel;
  • Commands inside the cab.


  • Water Tank;
  • Digital angle inclinometer;
  • Dust collector;
  • Air compressor installed / fitted on excavator’s back.
    Excavator requirements:
  • The excavator must have an auxiliary hydraulics kit, start button for auxiliary output of excavator ON-OFF and output for control panel connection of 12 volts;
  • 240 uo to 250 l/min (63,40 up to 66,04gal/min) of requiring flow @ 150 bar;
  • 250 CFM @ 100 PSI compressor flushing, depending on drilling depth and diameter;
  • Starting the 4th function inside the cab.