Sunday, July 14, 2024
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National 1625-DE #LR629
National 1625-DE #LR629 Price: $3,000,000.00 3000hp drilling rig mud rotary drilling rig national 1625 de

Product Description


(3000hp.) diesel electric

NATIONAL 1625-DE electric single drum draw works complete with catheads, drillers console, and ELMAGO 7838 electric brake.

NATIONAL 3 motor drive group with (3) EMD D-79 traction motors DRECO (R-14#312) Cantiliver 1,600,000# SHL derrick, 9 sheave,1 1/2”

DRECO 34’ fl oor height hydraulic raised substructure, 1,500,000# casing capacity with 800,000# setback

OMRON 4 x 4 SCR/GEN system (rebuilt)

CANRIG 750 ton 1275AC-681 Top Drive with control house SHAFFER 7 station accumulator house T25-200-35 EMSCO LB-650 swivel

Combination change house tool room Mud house

Metal wind walls

Combination cold start house parts house with GM 671 generator,

(2) screw type air compressors

(2) HU 40 air tugger’s

(1) A5UR air tugger

 trip tank, personel elevator, oil bin, catwalk, suit cases, drill line spooler, kelly, pipe racks, hydraulic raising unit and (4) DERRICK shakers