Monday, February 26, 2024
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2001 Watson Hopper #R1015
2001 Watson Hopper #R1015 Price: Contact Us watson hopper workover rig


  • 2001 GXXTA 72 foot telescoping derrick
  • Approx:20,360 hrs
  • 6/3/04 Air compressor failed and put water into the engine.Cat rebuilt top end of engine and replaces computer at that time it had around 8,500 hrs on it
  • 6/24/06 Rig was dismantled sand blasted,painted,decking was replaced,New hearings put in the crown sheaves and in the blocks and painted
  • 9/11/09 Cat Came out and rebuilt jake rake and reset valves
  • 9/24/09 New turbo installed
  • 9/25/09 installed 12,500' of 9/16" sand line and new crown sheaves and load pin.(crown counter)
  • Spring of 2011,Dismantle and blast paint.Blocks rebuilt,Restrung with new tubing line,crown sheaves,bearings,Install 12,500 feet of sand line