Wednesday, March 22, 2023
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CWC Coil Tubing Unit #WR523
CWC Coil Tubing Unit #WR523 Price: $1,452,000.00 cwc-coil-tubing-unit

Product Description

The CWC Coil Tubing Deep Unit is a fully integrated coil tubing unit
mounted on a Western Star twin steer, tridem drive chassis.
This Unit has applications for deep horizontal completions and workovers.
CWC Coil Tubing Units are designed for reliability and
meet all Canadian Standards for highway vehicles.
Units have the ability to work on Class I, II, or III wells.

Engine     Caterpillar C-15

Fuel Type     

550 @ 2100 RPM

1850 lb-ft @ 1200 RPM

Eaton RTLO-18918B

Air Compressor     
BW BA-921 15.9 Single Cylinder w/ Safety Valve

Air Dryer     
Meritor 1200 Heated Dryer

This unit uses a Celtic WD80 injector

80,000 lb

Rate in Low Gear     
20 m/minute

Injector weight     
3500 lbs

Chain Tension     
Hydraulically Adjusted

Skate Pressure     
Hydraulically Adjusted

Tubing Stripper     
NOV Quick-Strip 5K

Blow Out Preventer     
10K Quad BOP

Reel Capacity
1.5" diameter coiled tubing     6000 m
1.75" diameter coiled tubing     5000 m
2" diameter coiled tubing     4000 m

This unit uses a 5” 10k Quad Hydraulic BOP system
which has Quick Lock Hydraulic Actuators
complete with fire retardant hose package.
Comes with a 20G Accumulator Skid with Nitrogen Backup and Remote Panel.