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Gardner Denver 3000 #LR584
Gardner Denver 3000 #LR584 Price: Contact Us gardner denver 3000


1980 Gardner Denver 3000


Single Drum Drawworks (derrick is tall enough to make a "mouse hole" connection)

Parmac 22SR Hydromatic Brake

Hydraulically Telescoped 95' X 250,000 Lb. Derrick

Free Standing Derrick -- no guy lines required

Howard Turner 18" Rotary Table (I have larger tables in stock that can be installed.)

Mounted on a Three Axle Trailer

Detroit Series 60 12.7 L 450 HP Engine

Allison HT-750 DRD Automatic Transmission

Oilwell 100C Swivel

Oilwell 100 Ton Three Sheave Block Hook Combination

Foster Make-Up and Break-Out Catheads

Web Wilson Type "C" Break-Out and Make-Up Tongs

4-1/2" X 36' Kelly with Drive Bushing

Drill String Weight Indicator

Hydraulic Leveling Jacks

Derrick Night Lights

Trailer Mounted Day Fuel Tank

Angel Lift Safety Harness Fall Protection

280,000 Lb. Martin Decker Weight Indicator

New 1” Drill Line Installed (never used)

4.0” and 4.5” Drill Pipe Elevators

Drill Pipe Slips

Drill Collar Lift Subs

Rathole Driller

Stairs and Railings