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CP-300 #OSJU311
CP-300 #OSJU311 Price: Contact Us 300ft

Product Description

This specification gives a detailed description to the Owner of the completely outfitted and equipped self-elevating drilling platform CP-300. The specification is an integrated part of the building contract and the Builder should design and build the platform in accordance with the requirements of the specification. Except for special regulation or instruction, the Builder should be in charge of all the materials, complete set of equipment, spare parts, manufacture and installation, tests and trials, etc. On the delivery, the platform should be possessed all the functions described in the specification and satisfy the contract delivery conditions.
This platform is a non-self-propelled self-elevating drilling rig used for offshore oil and natural gas exploitation and development operation with the drill capacity of 9000m(30000 ft.), provided with such functions as drilling, cementation, and auxiliary production test, etc.
This platform is applicable to the offshore drilling operation with the maximum operating water depth within 91.4m (300 ft.) and in compliance with design environment conditions.

Drill Capacity
This platform is equipped with homemade 9000m (30000ft) drilling equipment. The maximum drilling depth of the rig is up to 9000m (30000ft); the maximum design hook load is 675t (1488 kips); the maximum design load combination of rig is 1000t (2205 kips); and the maximum design variable load at the operating condition of drilling well is 3270t (8200 kips) (including hook load).

Longitudinal movement range of cantilever:
Maximum outreach of rotary table center is 15.24m (50 ft.);
Horizontal movement range of derrick floor: ±4.57m (15 ft.).

The class of platform is CCS.
CCS Class Symbol: ? CSA Self-elevating Drilling Unit, HELDK
Vessel Flag Nation: China.
Port of Registry: Yingkou Port

Main Performance
Maximum operating water depth: 91.4m (300ft)
Maximum drilling depth of rig (4 1/2” drill pipe):9000m (30000ft)