Sunday, July 14, 2024
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Cabot 1200hp #R1520
Cabot 1200hp #R1520 Price: $5,500,000 cabot 1200hp mud rotary rigs



    Cabot 1200 series mobile trailer rig with IRI 2550 drawworks (rated 1,500 HP) and dual V-80 Parkersburg hydromatic brakes. A CE 27 ½” rotary, independently driven by one (1) EMD D79, 800 HP DC motor.



    Two Cat D3512-B diesel engines, each rated at 1476 HP, unitized with Kato KW Generators supplying AC power to SCR house powering mud pumps, rotary table, and auxiliary equipment.  Two TA-3412E electronic controlled Cat diesel engines each rated 750 HP at 2100 rpm with Allison Model S6600 transmissions, complete with hydraulic controls, powering the 1500 HP drawworks. Total horsepower 4452.


    Two Gardner Denver PZ-11 triplex pumps (each rated at 1600 HP) each driven by one GE-752 High-Torque electric motor rated at 1150 HP. Each pump is unitized with flow through pulsation dampener on both suction and discharge.


    A Cabot crown, Continental  Emsco 350 ton block and Web Wilson 350 ton hook/block combination. A National 400 ton swivel. A 1- ¼ “ 10 line string up.


    Cabot 136’ mast with a 22’ high floor telescoping substructure. Rated 715,000# static hook load and 735,000# rotary capacity with 400,000# simultaneous setback capacity.


    One 13 5/8” 5M Shaffer annular, one 13 5/8” 10M single Cameron BOP and one 13 5/8” 10,000 psi double Cameron BOP. A Koomey Type 80 control system, with 20 each 11 gallon bottles, and a 3 1/16” 10,000 psi choke manifold. With one manual choke and the capability for a hydraulic choke.


    Two steel mud tanks (1,000 bbl), two centrifugal mixing pumps, one centrifugal desander pump, one centrifugal desilter pump, one Harrisburg 2 cone desander, one Harrisburg 8 cone desilter, one vacuum degasser and two Brandt King Cobra Shale Shakers.

    DRILL PIPE AND DRILL COLLARS (Not Included in Price)

    13,000’ of 4 ¼” S-135 drill pipe. Drill collars include 12 – 6½”, 6 – 8” and 12 joints of 4 ½” HWDP.


    A Varco 6800 hydraulic Kelly spinner, Hydraulic pipe spinners, a crown-o-matic, a twin stop, a Mathey slickline unit, 18” high catwalk and pipe racks and a motorized drill line spool. A 500 bbl water tank.

  • Ready to go
  • Drills to 14,000 ft.
  • Drill pipe and Top drive not included