Wednesday, March 22, 2023
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Sullair 1350/350 1150/500 #AC1145
Sullair 1350/350 1150/500 #AC1145 Price:$80,000 Each sullair

Product Description

Units are designed for rugged use with four inch high strength tubular guards protecting the engine radiators.
Compressors have separate radiator for cooling.
Cat C-16 rated at 630hp
Dimensions: Length  223"
                   Width:    90"
                   Height:   94"
Weight 18,000 lbs.

Serial Numbers and Hours
BFM02257   4,030 hours
BFM02286   6,292 hours
BFM02288   5,380 hours
BFM02285   3,261 hours
BFM02388   5,482 hours
BFM02369   4,993 hours
BFM02380   3,251 hours
BFM02386   N/A