Thursday, June 08, 2023
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Model C650
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Product Description

  • Revathi C650D/E Model drill is a crawler mounted, self propelled, multi pass, hydraulically operated blast hole drilling rig with following specifications :
  • Drilling Capacity 159 to 200 mm (6 ¼” to 7 7/8” ) dia. holes as Rotary Drilling and 152 to 171 mm (6” to 6 ¾”) dia. holes as DTH drilling. Drilling depth 150 ft (45 mtrs.).
  • Mounting Heavy duty tracks with adequate supporting rollers on both sides. Each track driven by an independent hydraulic motor.
  • Mast Heavy duty structural steel construction. Mast height suitable for handling drill pipes of 6.10 to 11 mtrs (20 to 36 ft) available.
  • Feed Heavy duty twin chain system with micro feed control. Both options of twin chain with twin hydraulic motors or twin chain with twin hydraulic cylinders available.
  • Rotary Head Single or twin hydraulic motors with spur gear reduction system available. Options of different rotary head torque with variable speed range available.
  • Air Compressor Single stage or two stage, oil flooded, screw type with capacity ranging from 600 to 1200 cfm (17 to 34 m³/min) and working pressure ranging from 100 to 350 psi (7 to 24 kg/cm²) available.
  • Power Unit Both options of Diesel Engine or Electric Motor as Prime Mover for driving compressor and hydraulic system available
  • Leveling Jacks    Heavy duty, three nos. hydraulic jacks with check valves.
  • Dust Control Options of twin cyclone, high efficiency dry type dust control system or Non Visible Emission (NVE) dust control system or wet type water injection system available.
  • Drill Pipe Handling Hydraulic barrel loader to hold upto six drill pipes of sizes 100 to 140 mm (4” to 5 ½”) dia. and lengths ranging from 6.10 to 11 mtrs
    (15 to 36 ft) available.
  • Controls All controls centralised for single man operation.
  • Optionals Higher drilling capacity / Angle hole drilling kit / Auto Indexing / Hydraulic Winch / Centralised Lubrication System / Fire detection & Suppression.