Sunday, May 19, 2024
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1974 Ingersoll Rand T4 #R1993
1974 Ingersoll Rand T4 #R1993 Price: $138,000.00 1974-ir-t4

Product Description

1974 Ingersoll Rand T4

8V-71 Detroit Deck engine,

750/150 Air Compressor (Recently Replaced with good pull out)

(pulled air end available with rig - slight bearing noises)

Auxiliary air input port at control station.

25gpm CAT injection pump

5 rod carousel

Jib boom, winch,

Tooling, Wrenches, Pots, Rod lifters

Refurbished top head drive (worm drive),

new bearings/seals,

repaired hydraulic drive motor.

(Second Top drive box/parts available with rig)

Many hoses recently replaced. New seals in Legs

125ft 4-1/2" x 25ft, T4 drill rod 3-1/2" API, with rig

(500 ft of 4-1/2" x 25ft 2-7/8" IF T4 rod available for extra cost)

Truck engine 6V-53 replaced with 6V-53T.

(Pulled engine Available with rig, broken cylinder, leaks)

Transmission 5 speed main, 4 speed aux

Currently drilling, latest 600 ft well. Repairs ongoing

Located in Cedar Crest, New Mexico USA