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Cooper LTO350 #R1748
Cooper LTO350 #R1748 Price: $1,515,000.00 cooper lto350

Product Description 

Rig, Draw Works and Substructure

Mast; Cardwell telescoping single mast 63-ft long

Rated at 35,600-daN (80,000-lbs) w/ 4-lines

Standard equipment including; (3) working and (1) fast line sheave

Racking board, ladder, tong suspension, cat line & tugger line sheaves

SN - 100749

Level IV - 04-2013

Drawworks; Cooper Model LTO350 double-drum tandem

Drawworks c/w hydraulic cat heads, crown-saver & control

Engine; Detroit 8V71T diesel drive engine rated at

Approximately 300-hp. Engine is complete with battery start,

Local rad, positive air shut-off and instrument panel.

Transmission; Allison Model CLBT4460-2, 6-speed torque tube

Drive automatic transmission, (5) forward & (1) reverse.

Hydraulic System; Rig-mounted hydraulic system with tank,

Hydraulic pump, manifold, filters & hoses, System operates

Mast raising cylinder, levelling jacks, & deck winch.

Western International Model 20TCG portable double-walled tank;

2,000-litre w/ forklift pockets

SN - 32-12-12

Drill Trailer;

Approximately 8-ft wide x 48-ft long mounted on tri-axles

With dual wheels and air-operated brakes.

Equipped with integral; (6) stabilization jacks (4) post jacks &

(2) Out-riggers, elevated working platform, built-in tool boxes

CVIP - CV2716763

Expires - March-2014

J.C. Welding 1-piece sub approximately 9-ft wide x 14-ft long x5'3" - 9'6" high

W/ rotary support beams, BOP lines, pinning Vdoor,

Prefabs, fluorescent lighting and steam heater.

Mud Pump and Mud Tank; Emsco Model D-375 duplex mud pump rated at 375-hp,

Dressed with standard equipment including; quick-change heads, plumbing,

Emsco pulsation dampener, mud valve, liner wash pump,

2-in pressure gauge, 2-in relief valve etc.

Pump - 377

Dampener - 594

Pump is energized by a twin Detroit 671 engine compound c/w Allison gear box,

Turbo chargers, positive air shut-offs, 5-hp electric starting motor, local rads etc.

Eng. Comp - 6A0418665

Gear Box - HD111396

Pump package is mounted in approximately; 10-ft wide x 30-ft long

4-member skidded building c/w (2) double doors, (3) man doors, shutters, steam heat,

Fluorescent lighting, locking storage compartments etc.

Single mud tank with approximately 114-bbl capacity, (4) compartment w/ clean-outs,

Sloped bottom, 6-ft mix room,
4-ft manifold shack and 24-in degasser w/ 150-ft of 6-in vent line.

Mini shaker w/ (2) panels & (2) verbose motors.

Mix room is equipped with 5-in x 6-in pre-charge/mix pump

Energized by 40-hp electric motor & mix hopper.

Choke manifold; 3-in gut line with (2) 3-in gate valves and (2) 2-in wing lines with

(8) 2-in gate valves. Manifold is complete with (2) manual 2-in chokes and instrumentation.

Traveling & Rig Floor Equipment:

Guibberson type a traveling blocks rated at 50-tons

(2) 24-in sheaves grooved for?-in wire rope. Guibberson unitized hook rated at 50-tons.

SN - TT31478

Ideal Type V swivel

Hydraulic pipe spinner energized by Dennison motor.

(1) Set 1 ¾-in x 72-in weld less elevator links

Clipper weight Indicator, approximately 0-90,000 daN

(1) Set of BJ Type C rotary tongs w/ assortment of jaws 3½-in - 9?-in.

B.O.P. Equipment:

Valvcon Model 75-2B60-U-2RM-3-1 80-gal air over hydraulic accumulator

3-stations, (located in combination building).

SN - N602099-N602282

Kill line valve assembly w/ check valve

Choke line valve assembly w/ HCR and gate valves.

(1) Safety valve, 2?-in

BOP hoses, valves, hoses, studs, nuts, etc.

Miscellaneous Buildings & Structures:

Doghouse-water tank-utility room / change room approximately 8-ft wide x 48-ft long.

Doghouse is equipped with drop-down rigging c/w standard

Amenities including; knowledge box, locking storage

Water tank is equipped with (2) transfer pumps

Utility room / change room is c/w utility bench, steam heat

Lockers, locking storage compartments etc.

Combination building, (Generator-Accumulator-Compressor-Utility)

Chicago Pneumatic Model QRS10 air compressor SN - CAI225823

John Deere genset rated at approximately 250-kW

John Deere Model 6125AF001 diesel engine.

Eng. SN - RG6125A006800

Utility section is c/w utility bench, buffer-grinder, vise, locking

Storage compartments, light, steam heat etc.

Trailer Mounted catwalk w/ integral 40-hp hydraulic power unit.

Catwalk is equipped with; swing-out pipe loading arms, pipe tub w/ elevator,

Levelers, indexers, skate, utility winch, telescoping light posts etc.

(1) Lot of safety equipment including (4) fire extinguishers, (2) SCBA 30-minute air paks,

Safety glasses, first aid kits, safety signs, safety & climbing belts, SALA fall arrest, etc.

(1) Lot of general rig tools including hand wrenches, screwdrivers, hammers, pipe wrenches, etc.

(1) Lot spare parts including mud pump parts, table inserts, valves, hoses, filters,

Wire rope, slings, etc.

Trucking, cranes, steel & piping, hoses, valves & fittings,

Engineering, supervision, inspections, welding, & labor.