Thursday, November 30, 2023
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550HP  #WR529
550HP #WR529 Price:$731,000.00 550hp
650HP #WR530
650HP #WR530 Price:$3,910,000.00 650hp shenyu

Product Description

Technical Specification for XJ650 workover drilling rig

The main unit is self-propelled structure, including: self-propel carrier, power system, double engines, transmission system consists of two hydraulic torque converters. compound box, drop box, double drum drawworks, three sets of clutches, rotary table, auxiliary brake, chain driven device, mast and crown block assembly, double telescoping cylinders, hydraulic cat, double raising cylinders, double hydra winches, hydraulic system, pneumatic system, operation system crown saver device, electrical system, substructure and boat ba etc.

Max nominal drilling depth: 2000m (4 1/2"DP)

Max nominal workover depth: 6500m (2 7/8" heavy wall tubing)

Substructure height: 6m

Moving way: self-propelled

Driving type:      12×8


Including: cab, axles, suspension, frame, sub frame, four hydraulic jacks and steering mechanism, steering hydraulic system, double fuel tanks, air bag, transmission system, took kit, mud fender and safety guardrail, electrical system and

Lighting system, back alarm device.

Steering hydraulic system

Including: double steering pumps, check valve, overflow

Valve, oil pipeline, joint, sucking filter and back filter assembly etc.

Engine CAT/C15

Power: 485Kw×2

Rotary speed: 2100r/min

Including: lost water, low oil pressure, high water

Temperature, runaway protective device


Rated input power: 470kW

Max fast line pull force: 250kN

Drum size: 429 980mm(grooved)

Braking type: band + auxiliary brake  

Brake rim size: 1270×267mm

Including: crown saver, crown-o-matic, including drawworks frame assembly, main drum assembly, push disc clutch assembly, chain, line stabilizer, sand drum assembly, guard, auxiliary brake water tank, inner circulating water cooling tank, circulating water pump, pipeline, main drum brake balance device, centralized

Lubrication, sand drum brake device, chain wheel etc.

inner circulating cooling brake

Mast- JJ18038

Including: mast upper and lower section, racking platform, load mechanism, guiding device, wind and load guy line, ladders and escaping device, standpipe, centralizing device

Type: two section, front open, tilting, 3° tilting angle, conform to API Spec 4F

Max hook load:    1500kN

Efficient height:    36m

Wind proof capacity (no load, no setback) 110km/h

Rotary table - ZP275

Max. Static load: 4450kN

Max. Rotating speed: 300r/min

Max. Working torque: 22.5KN.m

Mud pump

Model                          F-800

Rated power                    597kw (800HP)

Highest pressure                 35MPa

Weight (kg):                     14500

Generator house

The generator room size is 12500 x 2800 x 28000

House outside wall is made by 6MM corrugated sheet, inside wall in is made by 3MM steel sheet and rock wool full fill in it Top waterproof design, the ground uses live cover and all the room laid prevent slippery prevent leakage rubber (8 MM), the roof of mineral wool board condole supports, put explosion-proof fluorescent lamp, wall put an emergency light, all of the wire the way of being the embedded.

Generator room, packed in advance into and out return oil line, air path, the oil box, storage battery tank. A generator fan open one end of the door.

BOP Equipment






API, Spec 16 A.

Catwalk & Pipe Rack

Specification of Pipe rack

Height   1070mm

Length of racking stage

16.1m (compose of two sections)

Width of racking stage          1624

No. of pipe rack            6

Length of pipe rack 8050mm

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