Saturday, April 13, 2024
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DSJ300 #OSJU315
DSJ300 #OSJU315 Price: Contact Us dsj300 jackup rigs

Product Description 

Two new JUR 300ft for $150M each

CCS  Self-Elevating Drilling Unit

ABS  A1 Self-Elevating Drilling Unit

Min. Service Temperature                -10 deg. C

HULL & DIMENSIONS               Metric                   Imperial


Hull Shape                                        Modified Triangular

Hull Length                                       62.8 m                  206 ft

Hull Breadth                                     60.2 m                  197.5 ft

Hull Depth                                        8.0 m                    26.2 ft

Leg Spacing (C to C)-Transverse           43.4 m                  142.4 ft

Leg Spacing (C to C)-Longitudinal        39.8 m                  130.6 ft