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Diedrich Sonic #R1441
Diedrich Sonic #R1441 Price: $675,000 core drills diedrich sonic


Hydraulic oil: Mobil SHC or equivalent
Viton seats must be used on all dynamic locations
Oil Cleanliness Class (According to ISO 4406): 14/11
Maximum Reservoir Oil Temperature: 130 F

Filter Requirements

A pressure filler required between the charge pump and the lubricator
Return filer required between the lubricator and the tank.(The filter can be in the tank)

Eaton (rotation motor)
For the Eaton rotation motor,one return filter is required.( in the return line,can be in the hydraulic tank).

VOAC Sine generator drive motor
The VOAC Sine generator drive motor needs a suction filter between the tank and the charge pump. A return filter is required in the return line or in the tank.

Pressure & Flow Requirements

Sine Generator Drive Motor (Voac F12-080):
0-6000 psi @ 70 gmp Closed Loop
5-10 gmp external case flush from charge system
1" Code 62 A & B ports
M22 X 1.5 Case Drain inlet & Outlet ports (3/4" JIC male adapter provided)
Note: 70 gpm develops 150 Hz Vibration Frequency
         83 gpm develops 180 180 Hz Vibration Frequency

** 80 GPM charge pressure to the VOAC must be connected to port B for correct rotation**