Friday, March 24, 2023
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Model C350D
Model C350D revathi c350d

Product Description

RATED CAPACITY : Nominal hole size 6” – 9” (152 - 229 mm) by DTH method.
Total depth capacity: 205’ with 30’ long 5 ½” OD drill pipe
STANDARD MOUNTING : CAT USA make Under Carriage model 325L,
30” Triple grouser track 15’ 3” long with 9 bottom rollers and
2 carrier rollers each side. Independent hydraulic motor with
Planetary gearbox drive for each track. Propel speed is 2.0 MPH on plains and 1.0
MPH on grades. Gradeability up to 25% grades.
PULLDOWN AND HOIST : Pull down is achieved through twin hydraulic cylinders and roller chain
35’ head travel for handling 30’ long drill pipe
Pull down capacity : 50,000 LBS.
Hoisting capacity : 28,000 LBS.
Standard feed rate : 18 FPM
Standard hoist rate : 30 FPM
Fast feed rate : 100 FPM
Fast hoist rate : 150 FPM
MAST : Electrically welded square and rectangular steel mast of robust construction to
With stand adverse drilling conditions. Mast is raised and lowered by two
hydraulic cylinders with safety check valves.
Working height of mast 40’ for 30’ long drill pipe.
ROTARY HEAD : Axial piston hydraulic motor driven top head drive through
spur gear reduction with a constant torque of
85,000 Inch-pounds at 0-110 RPM infinitely variable speed
AIR COMPRESSOR : Screw compressor with a capacity of 1100 CFM at 350 PSI.
Air oil receiver, Oil cooler, Oil filters and safety valves
are provided as standard.
PRIME MOVER : CAT, USA make engine C18 (TT) Running @ 2100 RPM drives compressor @
flywheel end and hyd. pumps @ front PTO. Emission norms as per EPA TIER III.
RILL PIPE HANDLING : Hydraulically operated 6 pod loader suitable for handling
5 ½” OD x 30’ long drill pipe
Hydraulic power breakout wrench and stem wrench are provided as standard.
HYDRAULIC SYSTEM : Open loop hydraulic system for propel, rotation, feed, Fan, auxiliary and
pilot circuits.
Axial piston, variable volume pump - 2 nos,
48 GPM at 4000 PSI for tram circuit and at
3000 PSI for rotation circuit.
Axial piston variable volume pump
18 GPM at 2500 PSI for feed circuit.
Tandem Gear pump: 40 US GPM at 3500 PSI for ROC fan circuit and 24 GPM at
2000 PSI for auxiliary circuit.
Revathi Equipment Limited
Pollachi Road, Coimbatore – 641 050, India. Phone : 0422 -2610851 Fax : 0422 -2610427.
Hydraulic oil reservoir with suction strainers and
10 micron return line filters. Relief valves in all circuits.
LEVELLING JACKS : Three hydraulic jacks - one front 160 MM bore, 48” stroke;
two rear 140 MM bore, 48” stroke equipped with heavy duty
telescopic guide tubes and lock check valves for safety.
OPERATOR’S CAB : The drill is provided with fully enclosed, steel fabricated, safety glassed, insulated
and sound suppressed, air-conditioned, FOPS cabin with centralized controls. It
shall have two doors and an adjustable seat for operator and a fixed seat for helper.
Most of the controls and instruments are grouped and are conveniently located in
the operator’s cabin within the operator’s easy reach. A cabin fan and a light are
provided in the cabin for operator’s comfort.
DUST CONTROL SYSTEM: NVE type dust control system, equipped with hydraulic motor driven blower and
dry type filters.
WINCH ASSY : Hyd winch is provided.
NIGHT LIGHTING : Adequate lighting to enable operation of drill at night times.
Lights powered by engine alternator at 24V, DC supply.
ANGLE HOLE DRILLING : Angle hole drilling kit upto 25° in steps of 5°.
ACCESSORIES : Six nos of Drill pipes, Two nos Spindle subs and one no each
Hammer Sub will be supplied.
OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT : Centralised Lubrication system
Shock sub for rotary head
Rotary Deck Bushing
Electronic depth counter
Automatic Power breakout system
Fire detection and suppression system
Fast fuelling system
FOPS Certification
AM/FM Radio
Retractable dust curtain
Water injection system with water tank