Sunday, May 19, 2024
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F1300 Mud Pump #MP1138
F1300 Mud Pump #MP1138 Price: $143,000.00 f1300-mud-pump

Product Description 

Rated power hp (kw)  1300 (969)      

Pump - rmp        120       

Stroke - in (mm)        12 (304.8)            

Working pressure - psi (MPa)     5000 (35)              

Gear ratio            4.31:1

Piston/plunger Ø - in (mm)          7 (177.8)              

Dimensions (mm)            4727 x 2443 x 2083         

Weight (MT)      27          

Pulsation Dampener

The  mud pump is equipped with pulsation dampeners made of cast steel. In case you need them made of forged steel, please let us now. Just note that forged pulsation dampeners are slightly more expensive and in this case would mean a longer lead time.