Sunday, March 26, 2023
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ZYF (3)1600 #MP1112
ZYF (3)1600 #MP1112 Price: $3500,000.00 each zyf-1600

Product Description 


(3) ZYF-1600 Mud Pump Unit

$350,000 each

(6) 800kW DC Motor


Each mud pump is matched with one

ZYF-1600 mud pump with rated input power of 1200kW,

Max. Discharge capacity is 46.54L/S and the Max. Pressure is 35MPa;

The unit is composed of transmitting base,

Transmitting shaft, narrow V belt, belt pulley,

Safeguard, and spray pump and so on. It is driven by two 800kW DC motors.

FOB (From Tianjin)