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  • New JU 2000E

    New JU 2000E

    A self-elevating drilling unit, designed for all-year harsh-environment operation in approximately 400 feet of water. Read More
  • Schramm T200XD

    Schramm T200XD

    Ideally suited for shallow gas, surface hole, CBM, directional and large diameter drilling applications with mud or air. Read More
  • Atlas Copco T4W

    Atlas Copco T4W

    Hydraulic top-head-drive drill rig designed for water well and other applications requiring air or mud rotary, as well as down-hole hammer drilling methods. Read More
  • Frac Pumps

    Frac Pumps

    Well fracturing is important to promote a flow path between the reservoir rocks and the well itself. Provides a safer method to break up the rock, and uses high pressure frac fluid and proppants to open the well. Read More
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