Friday, March 24, 2023
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2011 AC RD20XC #R1599
2011 AC RD20XC #R1599 Price:Contact Us ac air rotary rig atlas copco rd20

Product Description

The RD20 XC is a new configuration of the RD20 designed with

2011 or 2012 modles are available

Xtra Capabilities to meet the more demanding requirements of

today’s shallow oil and gas drilling applications. The rig is designed

to handle 2 7/8 - 4 1/2 in (73 - 114 mm) Range II upset drill pipe and

4 1/2 - 8 in (114 - 203 mm) drill collars.

Pipe, collars and casing are handled by a virtually hands-free

tip-out hydraulic link and elevator system on the top drive. The

17 1/2 in (445 mm) API master bushing with available hydraulic

slip assembly reduces manual labor and enhances safety while

drilling in or tripping pipe. The same system is adaptable to oil

fi eld casing using the top drive torque limit control to assure joints

are made up to the specifi ed torque.

The RD20 XC is adaptable to rig up on the ground or on a

wide range of fl oat or substructure confi gurations. The pipe

handling system can be adapted to a pipe trailer, tubs, v-door or

automated pipe loader.

The RD20 XC also includes hydraulic make-up and break-out

wrenches that are height adjustable and simple to use. All new

circulation piping includes a 3,000 psi (207 bar) mud piping

system that readily adapts to oil fi eld compressors, boosters

and mud systems. Rig-mounted water injection and DHD

lubricator systems are piped into the air system. A new console

layout – based on driller input – simplifi es rig operation. Both

experienced and new drillers easily adapt to the console layout.



A mounting assembly for the links is secured to the top-drive case. Rated for

120,000 lb (54 tonnes) — plus a safety factor — this design enables the links to tip

in/out to handle pipe, collars and casing. Cylinders are attached to the mounting

assembly and each link to tip the links out from hole center and back. The spindle

sub includes a fl oating sub and saver sub. The hydraulic elevators open/close

and lock with cylinders mounted on the elevators. A dual-caliper spindle brake is

available for directional drilling. Virtually hands-free pipe handling is easy, whether

from a trailer, tubs, v-door or automated pipe loader.



The RD20 XC mud piping has been redesigned to accommodate higher

pressures. The air manifold is set up to handle auxiliary compressors and a

booster system. The main air valve and blow-down valve are actuated from the

driller’s console. Connections for water injection and DHD lubricator are included.

The mud piping is set up for a wide range of oil fi eld mud systems. It includes a

manual gate valve, a connection and valve for a mixer line, and a heavy-duty mud

gauge. Air and mud connections are at the side of the deck for easy access.



This enables the operator to lock the top drive spindle in any position for the full 360°

of rotation. The locking mechanism consists of a dual-caliper and disc system attached

to the spindle and mounted just below the top-drive case. The system is activated

from the console and can be feathered to fine tune a specific directional position.

The directional-drilling brake system is rated to hold up to 8,000 lbf-ft of rotational

torque. This is a very effective, rugged system that is easy to operate and maintain.

 Perfect drill for setting surface casing!  Can handle Range III surface casing

Designed with mud piping for mud drilling applications