Thursday, June 08, 2023
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1980 Midway 13M #R1383
1980 Midway 13M #R1383 Price: $85,000 midway 13m water well



Mud Pump: Halco 2500 Supreme
Air Compressor: Leroi 100S2 Reciprocating 2 stage 6 CYL
Table: Midway 8.5, Retracted table opening - 18"
Water Swivel: Little giant 2”
Kelly: 23’ 3.5”
Jacks: 4 Hydraulic
Clutches are air controlled
Mast - 34' w/10" sheaves capacity 45,000#
Drawworks - Midway dual Drum spool 205' of 9/16",  single line pull 10,000#,  brakes are 6x16" 301sq" total surface,  11" 3 plate clutches (air)
Pulldown- 30,000#

Mounted on 1985 Diamond-Rio
VIN #:             1D9LC4182F1009542            (Clear good title)
All tires at 75% or better, good brakes, Cummins turbo 350, Eaton 9 Speed Transmission, Tandem axel, Power Divider, Spring suspension.

Rig is set up with the Kelly line and main hoist line from draw works tripled.  This is a complete ready to drill rig that is currently  running and drilling it was moved to the Diamond-Rio approximately 3 years ago and at that time it was painted; however it has been working continually since then and could stand a fresh coat of paint to really make it shine this is a great dependable rig 100% complete and ready to drill

Recently  the rig has had -- all new air lines, and most hydraulic lines, new brake bands, all new clutches,  all new u joints, new bearings in the pinion gear for the table, and  new belts and pulleys to drive the mud pump. all  new hydraulics on pull down system




2000 Rostel-Warrior

Mobile Range III Rig



Rostel mast

45-ft long rated at 50,000 (22,480-daN) static hook load capacity.

Mast is complete with; %-in cabling, dual raising cylinders, 10-in crown sheaves,

make-up/break- out wrench and Petol wrench.

Integral hydraulic system including;

(4) pumps, common reservoir, thermal exchanger and infrastructure for interconnecting plumbing

Foremost Model 1500 top drive

rated at; 0-8000 ft torque, 140 rpm,

Fast Feed Down 192 fpm /58.5 mpm

Fast Feed Up 106 fpm / 39.29 mpm.

Pull Master Model H25 drawworks

rated at 25,000-lbs strung w/ %-in line.

Integral doghouse w/ BOP controls,

knowledge box, lockers etc.
2000 International Model 5000

6X4 single-steer x tan-drive truck

powered by Cummins ISX375 diesel engine

unitized with Eaton 18-speed manual transmission.

Truck is mounted on 16,000-lb front axle and 46,000-lbs rears.


Odometer - 966,953-km Hours - 29,827

CVIP - CV5109163

CVIP Expires - Jan. 2015 License - BLB-8247