Friday, March 24, 2023
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Continental Emsco F650 #MP1057
Continental Emsco F650 #MP1057 Price:Contact Us mud pumps

Product Description

  • All new packing seals
  • All new hearings
  • All new internal Lubrication
  • Teardown,sandblast,dimensional inspection,and MPI of all critical components and critical areas in Pump Frame.
  • Any components or pump frame found to require repair were repaired to the highest quality oilfield standards
  • Pump was reassembled and all alignment checks performed
  • New fluid modules
  • New valve seats
  • Suction and discharge manifolds reinstalled with new gaskets and seals
  • All new hardware
  • Coated with epoxy primer
  • Pump to be blasted and painted inside and out
  • Top coat to be urethane to customer's color specifications
  • Data pack

We can configure the pump to meet any custom expectations(accessories,unionization etc)