Monday, March 27, 2023
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Challenger SDR 361 #LR549
Challenger SDR 361 #LR549 Price: $2,040,000.00 challenger-361

Product Description


800Hp Challenger SDR 361 Drilling Rig with Mud Pumps and Gen Sets

The Challenger Model 361 is an n advanced, highly mobile rig capable of drilling a large majority of the oil and gas wells being drilled today.

The back-up factory foundation and sub-structure is quick to install and makes for a highly stable rig. Plus, a retractable Kelly makes quick work from rig-up to actual drilling.

The independent 5861 Allison transmissions, each powered by a 3406C Caterpillar engine gives the owner drilling and power options. A spare Caterpillar 3406 engine is included in this package.

This rig also has a new lighting system.

 The primary mud pump is a new   1000hp HHF powered by a 12V149 turbo charged Detroit engine and directly mounted to "ZF" hydraulic marine transmission with a reduction ratio of 3.26:1underdrive including disengage clutch. The skid unit is mounted on a triple axel commercial lowboy trailer.

 Secondary mud pump is a unitized skid mounted high volume Dowell

7 ¾ " x 8" 850 hp triple with a 17' x 5' mud tank. This unit is powered by two tandem mounted Caterpillar 34068 engines.

The mud system is a 3 tank low profile system complete with motors, pumps, 600 gpm 12 cone Brandt Desilter, 500gpm 12 cone Harrisburg desander, double life linear shale shaker, safety railings and a new lighting system with explosion proof  connections.

The electrical systems primary generator is a 500kw powered by

16V92N Detroit industrial engine with low hours. It is mounted in a three door enclosed 40' float van type trailer with new instruments, panels and switch gear.

The Secondary generator is a 250kw powered by a Perkins 1300 series and is sound attenuated.  The unit is also trailer mounted.

The driller’s house is a self-contained hydraulically elevated 12' x 20' house complete with front porch, back porch and a/c and   heat.

Two field offices 8' x 20'; one with a/c and heating.

One 10' x 24' dog house with porch, lights and various tool boxes.

The 361's engineered foundation and substructure, retractable Kelly coupled with trailer mounted generators and mud pump reduces rig up, rig down and drilling time.