Sunday, May 19, 2024
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Varco TDS 4S #OF1058
Varco TDS 4S #OF1058 Price: $869,000.00 tds-4s-top-drive

Product Description

Used Top Drive

Model TDS-4S 650 Ton rated

Part No. 128875-01

Drilling System (TDS-4S-6P-E-L-U-NH)

GE852US 1100HP DC Drilling Motor

2 Speed Helical Gear Drive

with circulated lubrication system

Air Brakes

Swivel Goosneck and Washpipe Assembly

S-Pipe Assemby

Rotating Slip Ring

Assembly  with Auto Return Feature and Integral Bail

The Top Driveis without PH-85 Pipe Handler

Serial No: TDS4SB04G155