Saturday, April 13, 2024
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MW 5000 Standard Air Track Drill
MW 5000 Standard Air Track Drill MW 5000 Standard Air Track Drill Price:$62,700 wolf 5000 standard air track drill

Product Description

  • Feeed motor, with high torque of 6cc and reduction feed with capacity of 7hp, using chain wing 100;
  • Gear Hydraulic Pump, easier to maintain, driven by vane motor.;
  • Powerful tramming motor 5cc (11 hp / 8,5 kw ) and hydraulic oscillating system permitting good mobility and traction even on rough terrain. The motors provide adequate power to climb slopes while towing a compressor;
  • Disc Break, spring-applied, hydraulically-released disc breakers are equally effective in forward or reverse.;
  • Rollers with lubrification unnecessary over an working life. Oil lubrification;
  • Wheel guides, avoiding derailment on tracks during the tramming;
  • Hoses existing in our equipment are done for high pressure, with pressed fittings, avoiding leakings and increasing their util life.


  • Control used at the back of equipment;
  • Hour meter for the hammer;
  • Dust collector;
  • Auto Rod Changer;
  • Water flushing (available for LS drifter series). This kind of flushing uses water injection when drilling, reducting dust;
  • Bits grinder;
  • Hydraulic centralizer;
  • Air grinder.