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3000hp AC Rig #R1785
3000hp AC Rig #R1785 Price: Contact Us 3000hp ac rig

Product Description

Mast and Accessories (API Spec 4F)

JJ585/48-K Mast

156 ft. Clear Working Height x 33 ft.(base width), Swing lift Mast and Substructure, with a rated static hook load capacity per API Standard 4F of 1,300,000 # with fourteen (14) lines strung to the traveling block. Casing capacity of 1,300,000# simultaneous with 700,000# setback capacity. Wind capacity, normal operations / erection purposes 37mph, unexpected storm with setback 69mph, expected storm without setback 87mph.

Mast furnished with full height straight ladder, lifting lugs for each mast section, two sets of leveling shims, and one (1) 100-ton hydraulic jack.                                      

• Slingline Equalizer Unit furnished with suspension lines for storage in back face of mast.                                                                                                                                                    

 • 2 Derrick man’s Climb Assist.                                                                                                                                                 

• Set Guide Tracks to accommodate a LTI 750-ton power swivel top drive system. Rails fabricated of W14 x 74 wide flange beams. Guide track to extend from crown support to approximately 30' from drill floor.

• Inertia-type Escape Device                                                                                                     

 • Telescoping Mast Headrest to support the mast while the racking board is pinned on.                                                                                                                                                 

 • 3 Tugger Pedestals for supporting tuggers.

• Brackets mounted on back face of mast for hanging slingline while drilling. Includes wirelines and fittings.

• Tugger Sheave Units with 14”Ø bronze bushed sheaves grooved for 5/8”Ø wireline. Tugger sheaves mounted under crown frame. Location to be specified after receipt of order.

• Sheave Unit with 20”Ø sheaves mounted on tapered roller bearings and grooved for 9/16”Ø wireline. Coreline unit is swivel mounted below crown frame.

• Catline Sheave Unit with 14”Ø sheaves mounted on tapered roller bearings and grooved for 5/8”Ø wireline. Sheave unit is swivel mounted.

• For wireline operations there will be a sheave and pad eye (swl 40,000lbs) at rig floor level, one sheave and pad eye (swl 40,000lbs) below the monkey board (driller’s side).

• For fishing operations a sheave needs to be installed above the standpipe with an additional pad eye (swl 40,000lbs) under the crown.

• Three (3) Tong Counterweights, furnished with buckets, guides, blocks and wirelines.      

• One (1) 10” vent line to extend 8’ above the crown. Connections to be flanged. Pilot line included.

• For fishing operations a sheave needs to be installed above the standpipe with an additional pad eye (swl 40,000lbs) under the crown.

• Three (3) Tong Counterweights, furnished with buckets, guides, blocks and wirelines.

Substructure and Accessories (API Spec 4F)

DZ585/10.5-X Substructure

Setback and Floor Support Structure providing 35 ft. floor height. Setback hinges into working position with rotary table attached when raising mast. Casing capacity 1,300,000# simultaneous with setback capacity of 700,000#. Floor to accommodate a 37-1/2” rotary table recessed. Setback spreader complete with built-in drip pans with outlets and includes 3” wood decking over 1/2” flat plate.

• Two (2) Tong Backup Posts furnished with support material, bolted to rig floor.

• Set of two Trolley Beams rated capacity each 60 ton SWL. Trolley beams are supported underneath the Substructure, access is through the front of the Substructure

• Work platform and stairs for work on BOP stack will be included. Design to be finalized at a later date. 3 Fall arrestors for securing rig hands working on this platform will be installed under the rig floor.

• Floor equipment with openings for mouse and rat whole, incl 11-3/4” pipes. Zero discharge to be obtained at all times. Design to be in such way that there will be zero discharge under the drill floor. Mouse hole will have shock absorber included.

• Anti slip matting or similar alternative supplied for drill floor.

c/w Set of Flooring for the substructure at the working floor elevation with 3/8” checkered plate from the front of the drawworks forward and 1/4” checkered plate elsewhere. Flooring is blocked out for machinery.

c/w Handrails  for the perimeter of the substructure

c/w pipe rack

c/w V-door gate

c/w Foundation for ST-120 Iron Roughneck

c/w Ramps and stairs

c/w Hydraulic buffer device for rig up and rig down

Rig Floor Air Winch

Model No. XJFH-5/35

• Air pressure:      0.8 Mpa                                                                         

• Air consumption:      12.7 m3/min                                                                 

• Rated power:      16kW                                                                            

• Max. load:       50kN

• Rated speed:      35m/min

• Length of wire line:      120m

• Weight:       550kg

• Brake: Band Brake

• Drum Guard

• Spooling Device, Manual Spooling Device is furnished as standard.

• Wire Rope: Included

• Air Protection Manifold

Ingersoll Rand, Man rider Winch

Model No. FE150KGiMR/D08130

• Type: Electric Dual-Speed Personnel-Lifting Drum Winch

• Capacity: 330 lbs. (150 kg) at Top Layer (Dedicated Man-Riding)

• Line speed: 114 fpm High Speed / 57 fpm Low Speed at Top Layer

• Power source: Electric, 460V-3Ph-60Hz at 4 Amps

• Motor: 2.5 horsepower (nominal), Class 1 Div II Groups C&D, Dual-Speed

Additional Accessories:

• Slack line sensor assembly (Class 1 Div II Groups C&D).

• Rotary limit switches (Class 1 Div II Groups C&D).

• Drum guarding.

• Press roller assembly.

• Paint option: Ingersoll Rand “Marine 812”

• Wire rope provided on winch


Stair furnished with integral landing at mid-point, grip strut serrated safety grating treads and handrails.

• One (1) Stairs from DW side to ground.

• One (1) Stairs from drill floor to shaker tanks.

• One (1) Stairs from doghouse to ground.

• All Stairs to be outfitted with lifting eyes

JZG72 Deadline anchor

c/w Deadline Anchor Support

BOP Handling System

80 metric ton BOP Handling System consisting of two 40 metric ton radial piston air motor-powered hoists and trolleys. Trolleys are eight wheeled air motor driven with 35 ft. pendant throttle control.

TC675 Crown block (API Spec 8A)

6750kN Crown Block with seven (7) 60”Ø working sheaves and one (1) 72”Ø fastline sheave, grooved for 1-5/8” Drill line. Sheaves are outfitted with wireline guards. Deadline will be on off-driller’s side. Includes lifting eyes, sheave guards, bumper blocks with expanded metal safety screen and pad eyes to accommodate the following:

• Two (2) 6-ton catline sheave units

• One (1) 10-ton coreline unit

• One (1) 50-ton hang-off line for traveling block

• Additional winch sheaves for drill floor winches will be installed.

• Crown Safety Platform furnished with 3’-6” handrails, checkered plate flooring and safety gate at ladder opening.

• Crown will be outfitted with an automatic greasing system for all sheaves bearings.

• Outfitted with fast line cover

• Outfitted with bumper bars over sheaves.

• Crown will be outfitted with two top lights.

• Wind sock to be installed on top of crown.

Racking board

• Racking Platform having a minimum capacity of 200 stands of 5” OD drill pipe, 8 stands of 8-1/4” DC, and 5 stands of 9-1/2” DC.

• Platform adjustable from the 77’ to 87’ level above drill floor. Racking board comes complete with safety chains for fingers, access catwalk, and diving board with hinged extension.

• Platform furnished with floor slabs, catwalk and 7’ high handrails to accommodate windbreak. Racking platform includes a 0.5MT air winch.

• Derrick man safety line to be installed overhead.

Casing stabbing board

• BOMCO Casing stabbing board air powered

• Platform adjustable from 20' to 50' elevations above drill floor. Stabbing board designed and fabricated in accordance with API Spec 4F.

• Belly board to be provided.

Hydraulic cathead

• Model: YM-16-II for makeup, YM-16-II for breakout

• Remote hydraulic control valve locate in Driller’s control cabin.

• 25 ft. per cathead of 7/8” high strength wire rope are included.

• Load gauge is included.


• Rated working pressure:         16MPa               

• Rated flow:                           120L/min

• Pull length:                            1500mm

• Max. Makeup:                       160KN

• Max. Breakout:                      160KN

• Operating Angle Sheave:        +20 degree

• Wire Rope Diameter:             27mm

YC675 Traveling block (API Spec 8C)

6750kN Traveling bloc, Seven (7) 60” diameter sheaves, grooved for 1-5/8” dia. drill line

Rated for 6750 KN

Hood rated for 45 tons maximum capacity

Designed and manufactured in accordance with API-8C, PSL-1.

Minimum Design temperature is -20° C (-4° F)

Traveling Block Dolly

It is available to use the same guide track as top drive on the premise that the guide track of top drive has to be extended to the bottom of crown block.

DG675 Hook

Max. Load 6750kN. The open of the main hook is 9". The open of the assistant hook is 6". It conforms to API Specs. 8A. With API monogram.

SL675 Swivel (API Spec 8C)

Max. Load 6750kN Swivel, with standard bail, quick-change wash pipe and packing cartridge, elevator bumper with replaceable elements, gooseneck with 4 1/16” welded union in top for use with measuring line; 4" Fig. 1002 rotary hose connection, 8-5/8" API LH box connection on stem, meets the latest API-8C requirements, including the pull test.

Drilling Line

7500’x1-5/8" diameter drill line, 6 x 19 IWRC, EIPS. Includes steel reel.

Drill Line Spooler

• Construction: Heavy-duty oil field steel I-beam base and tubing frame and uprights.

• Anti-skid steel plate to top surface of frame.

• Frame includes 4 point lifting eyes and forklift pockets.

• Solid shaft includes heavy-duty drive arm with solid shaft.

• Rain and Dust cover included.

• Bearings: Oil impregnated bronze bearing material shaft supports with grease nipples and grease paths.

• Drive: An air motor transmits torque to the drive arm through a suitable gear reducer. Air Motor and brakes to run off rig air supply. Fittings mounted to inlet line with quick disconnect. Pl. Specify the size of connections at the time of placing the order. For cold environment, we have quoted electric motors.

• Control: Dual directional modulating hand valve with pressure gauge valving for speed and direction control.

• Brakes: pneumatically operated brake with caliper and brake pads to provide hold back tension. Regulator provided. For electric drive, the brakes will be electrically operated.

Hydraulic Power unit

Dual Power Skid Mounted Hydraulic Power Unit

Unit to be desert proof and outfitted with emergency stops

Featuring the following:

• Hydraulic Pump 80 Gpm At 1800 Rpm Variable Displacement Pressure Compensated.

• One (1) 80 HP diesel engine (Dual power diesel / electric but only one power source at a time)

• One (1) 60 hp Class One Division Two Explosion Proof Motor.

• Hydraulic Reservoir Volume: 200 Gallons.

• Visual Oil Level And Temp Gauge.

• Removable Top, Reservoir Has Baffles.

• In-Tank Mounted Inter norman Return Line Filter 40 Gpm 10 Micron Absolute.

• Lenze Breather And Suction Strainers.

• SOR Level Switch 460v, 60hz

• SOR Temperature Switch 460v, 60hz

• HPU Skid With Lifting Eyes And Drip Pan, Sandblasted To Near White Metal And Painted.

• Starters And Enclosures 1 Each 7 Enclosures With Starter.

• 1 60 Hp Starter.

• The Above Starters And Enclosures All Have A Hand On-Off Switch With Run And Stop Lights.

• 30’ Of Cable With A Hand Start With Run Indication.

Elevator Bails 4 6/8" x 180"  750 tons

Elevator Bails 3" x 132"  350 tons

Drawworks (API Spec 7)

3000HP Drawworks, JC90DB

Max. input power 3000 HP, 42mm drilling line, single Lebus grooved drum , maximum line pull 14 lines is 580kN, hoisting capacity in Low/Low with 14 lines is 585MT. It consists of drum shaft, double speed gearbox, drawworks frame and O-matic crown saver, etc. Main drum dimension (diameter length): Φ1060×1840mm

Drawworks AC motor

Two (2) AC motors, drillers equipped with 42.5kW SIEMENS frequency conversion motors.

Main brake system: dynamic braking

Main Dynamic Braking is accomplished by the AC Motors through dynamic braking resistors powered through the AC Drive System.

Emergency brake: disc brakes

Hydraulic disc brake (water cooled)

Drawworks control console (Located in Drillers cabin)

Driller cabin


Doghouse to be hang off driller’s side of drill floor. Dimensions 10’ x 10’ x 32’. Doghouse to have one entry door, 2 windows, 1 workbench, exhaust ventilation, HVAC unit, emergency lighting.

Automatic driller (Controller include into VFD system)

Rotary table, ZP375Z (API Spec 7K)

• 37.5” Table Opening

• Dead load capacity 7250kN

• Gear Ratio 3.62:1

• Maximum Table Speed 300 rpm

• Max. Working torque N.m:32362

Independent rotary table drive system

Gear transmission applied, reduction ratio is 1.5, driven by 800kw AC motor through rzeppa universal shaft.

Rotary table AC motor

Rated power:     800KW

Rated voltage:     600V

Rated current:     915A

Rated speed:     741rpm

Rated frequency:  37.5HZ

Insulation class:     200

Cooling:      forced air

Blower:      11kW

750 Ton Top Drive ,TDS 8SA  , Varco/NOV

Hoist Capacity: 750ton ;  GE GEB-20A1 AC Motor,1150 HP

Drill pipe size: 3 1/2” to 6 5/8”(4 ” to 8 1/2” OD Tool Joint)

Stack up height: 20.8 ft. (6.3 m)

Continuous Torque(ft. lbs.) : 63000

Intermittent torque(ft. lbs.):  94000

Maximum RPM: 270

High Pressure Mud manifold (7500psi)

c/w Rotary hose (API Spec 7K)

4" ID x 75' Long, API Grade D, 10,000 PSI Test Pressure, 7500 PSI Working Pressure Rotary Drilling Hose with 5" API Male Threads Each End with One (1) 5" Fig 1002 Union and One (1) 5" x 4" 1002 Union & Safety Clamp & Chain Each End.

c/w Stand pipes(API Spec 16A)


 Catwalk in two sections, 3’ wide x 16” high. Total length 60’. 1.5ton utility winch. Top of Catwalk covered with 3/8" plate.

Rig power equipment

Cat3512B diesel engine generator:                                                            Five (5) diesel engine generators: Cat3512B engines, air started, the power is 1476bhp, and rotating speed is 1200RPM, equipped with five (5) SR4 generators. The capacity is 1750KVA, power factor: 0.7, the voltage is 600VAC, frequency is 60HZ, 125°F.

Diesel engine generators house

Auxiliary diesel engine generator, C15,500 KW,60HZ,1800RPM,480 V

Switchboard and motor control centers

VFD and MCC system

Five (5) generator control cabinets control five CAT3512B diesel engine generators to realize parallel operation, and they also supply 600V、3φ、60Hz AC current to AC bus bar. ABB ACS800 AC variable frequency speed controlling system applied, two (2) rectifiers convert 600V AC current from AC Bus bar to810V DC current. Then six (6) inverters convert 810V DC current from DC bus bar to 0~600V AC current. Six(6) VFD motors are driven by one to one control mode.(two 1100KW VFD motor for drawworks, one 800kw VFD motor for rotary table, one 1200kw VFD motor for each mud pump, auto driller has two SIEMENS 42.5KW,480V EX-proof AC frequency conversion motors controlled by two ABB ACS800 variable frequency governors.                         

MCC system applies GCS standard cabinet to control one C15 480V,60HZ,500KW auxiliary diesel engine generator or applies two 750KVA transformers to supply 480V,3φ,60Hz AC current to AC bus bar of MCC system, and power for rig site auxiliary equipment, lighting and living as well as auto drillers.                                                                                            

The system reserves 600V, 3φ, 60Hz, 1000KW power outlet for 750T top drive system. International famous brands of major power cables and plug and sockets are adopted. The inverters are cooled by air.

c/w Wire ways and cable trays

M/D TOTCO Drilling instrumentation

It can monitor the hanging load of the hook, pump pressure, rotary speed, rotary table torque, power tong torque, pump stroke 1, 2 and 3, the pressure of standpipe, output volume of mud pump, the depth of the well, and the fluid level of mud tank. It also can use computer to record the parameters and data.

Rig service air system

Electric screw compressor                                                                            

Model:                        electrical screw compressor

 Actual free air delivery:           5.5 m³/min

Discharge pressure:               1MPa

Cooling model:                    air cooled

Motor :                           37 kW, 460, 60HZ

Weight                           815 kg                                                           

Air dryer                                                                                                  

• Type: molecular sieve regenerating type

Work pressure:     1MPa

Min. capacity:     6 m3/min

Cool starting unit                                                                                                          

 • Air discharge pressure:   1.0MPa

 Free air delivery:     0.6m3/min

Rated rotating speed:    1000rpm

Cooling Method:     Air cooled

Driven by 7HP diesel engine which is started by manual

Air reservoir:2.5m3

Air reservoir:4m3

Mud system (API Spec 7K,7L)

Nine mud active tanks. Rated capacity: 3500 barrels (560 m , plus trip tank and pill tank), complete with three shale shakers, One mud cleaner, one vacuum degasser, the necessary agitator, sand pump, mixing hopper, mud pump, buffer fly, pipe fitting and etc. full galvanized grating and Big Bag Handling Mechanism are not included in standard features.

Kelly bushing-Hexagonal

3 1/2"  bushing roller

5 1/4"  bushing roller

Master bushing

Split master bushing for 37 1/2" rotary table, including insert bowls No.1, 2 and 3.Casing bushing for 20"and 30"casing.

Mud pumps and equipment

F-1600HL Mud pump

Each pump set consists of a F-1600HL mud pump, motor base, V-belts, tightening device and belt guards, etc. Power of mud pump 1600 HP, Max. Displacement 51.85 L/S, Max. Pressure 52MPa.

c/w Centrifugal charging pump,6x8R,electric motor driven

Mud pump AC motor, 1200kW

c/w Pump discharge lines

Safety equipment

Derrick man’s escape device, including wireline, clips, thimbles and hand brakes, wireline anchor.

Derrick man’s safety belts

Ladder safety climb equipment

Well Site Standard Explosion Proof Circuit.


Wireline cutter (manual hydraulic driven)

CCTV Monitoring system

Lighting System (price includes into the item 38)

Fuel tank, 80m3

Water tank, 100m3

Tools and accessories for rig installation

Slings for rig installation

Painting and Packaging Expense

Rig up and rig down test

Charge for training and documentation

Service charge

Freight and Insurance from CNPC to Xingang