Monday, March 27, 2023
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1980 Ingersoll Rand TH60 #R2013
1980 Ingersoll Rand TH60 #R2013 Price: Contact Us 1980 ingersoll rand th60 water well drilling rig


1980 Ingersoll Rand TH60-750 Mobile Range III Rig


Ingersoll Rand Model Mast;

51-ft long rated at 40,000 (17,793-daN) static hook load capacity.

Mast is complete with; %-in cabling, dual raising cylinders, 8-in crown sheaves,

make-up/break- out wrench and Petol wrench.


Integral hydraulic system including;

pumps, common reservoir, thermal exchanger and infrastructure for interconnecting plumbing.

Braden Model CH230 drawworks

rated at 18,000-lbs strung w/ %-in line.
Ingersoll Rand

Model 600/250 Spiro Flow air compressor.
Gardner Denver Model

FXX-172 duplex pump rated at 52-hp (39-kW) maximum BHP and 330- RPM maximum on jackshaft. Pump

features an 8-in stroke x 6-in bore, 4-in NPT suction connection x 3-in NPT discharge connection and is

energized via hydraulic motor.
Atlas Copco Model GD2000 top drive

rated at; 0- 5000 ft torque, 125 rpm,

Fast Feed Down 200 fpm / 60.96 mpm

Fast Feed Up 137 fpm /20.42 mpm.

King Model 20XV swivel

2005 Mack Model CV713

single-steer x tri-drive truck powered by EZ350 diesel engine

rated at 500-hp unitized with maxitorque 18-speed manual transmission.

Truck is mounted on (1) 20,000-lb front axle and (3) 17,000-lb rears.


Odometer - 758,652-km Hours - 9,056

License - BJT-8936

Condition Observations
     Drive train leaks; clear, minor, mod, severe
     Body/Paint Appearance; clear, minor, mod,
     Interior Appearance; clean, minor, mod, severe
     Glass; clear, minor, mod, severe
     Tires; matched & remaining tread averaged 18- mm (front) / 16-mm (rear).
     CVIP Current, Expired
     Overhead Current, Unknown, Expired