Sunday, October 01, 2023
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Cabot 750hp #R1379
Cabot 750hp #R1379 Price: $780,000 cabot 750hp


This self-propelled Cabot 750 3X2 Tandem Axle Carrier Mounted Mechanical Drive Drilling Rig has a Model 2042 Drawworks powered by (2) rebuilt zero hour Caterpillar 3406 Engines with two rebuilt Allison 750 6 speed auto transmissions with reverse.  The 112’ Mast has a 300,000# hook load capacity on 8 lines with a clear height of 97 feet, a leg spread of 7’ 6-1/2”  is complete with racking board, oil bath chain case, elevated rotary drive,  all raising lines and guidelines.  The Drawworks, hydromatic break, and crown assembly have been rebuilt.

This is a triple front axle mechanical 6 axle carrier with 134,000# capacity designed to meet highway safety standards with necessary toughness for off road operations.  The rig features a “V Type” roller chain compound, a Model 2042 drawworks with a Parmac 202 brake assist with positive action clutch, a heavy duty drawworks drive propeller shaft through right angle gear box, a rotary drive propeller shaft, heavy duty reverse gear box and oil bath roller chain, a hydraulic catworks including makeup and breakout cylinder, planetary gear, and a self-locking handling winch.

New Components on Carrier:

·         Chains, Sprockets and clutch parts on Drawworks
·         Shafts, chains and sprockets on the compound box
·         Two tilt cylinders from National Oilwell
·         One scooping cylinder from National Oilwell
·         Two Radiators for the 3406’s
·         Two PTO’s with pumps
·         Two Hydraulic pumps
·         All new tires and wheels
·         Hydraulic Tank
·         Steering gear and linkage
·         Break water tank
·         Mirror, Lights and Wiring
·         Cab, steering column and seat
·         Power steering pump and tanks
·         Drive shafts
·         Piping and Hoses
·         Hydraulic valve bank
·         Hydraulic filters and lines
·         Air tanks and brakes
·         Racking Board