Monday, March 27, 2023
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2006 Hemsco-Warrior #R1838
2006 Hemsco-Warrior #R1838 Price: $712,000.00 2006 hemsco-warrior

Product Description 

2006 Hemsco-Warrior Mobile Range III Rig

1400M R-23985  

Hemsco mast 52.5-ft long rated at 110,000 (50 daN) static hook load capacity.

Mast is complete with;

In cabling, dual raising cylinders,

10-in crown sheaves, make-up/break-out wrench and Petol wrench.

SN - 003

Integral hydraulic system including;

Pumps, common reservoir, thermal exchanger and

Infrastructure for interconnecting plumbing.

Foremost Model 1500 top drive rated at;

0-8000 ft. torque, 140 rpm,

Fast Feed down 192 fpm / 58.5mpm

Fast Feed up 106 fpm / 39.29 mpm.

Pull Master Model H25 drawworks rated at 25,000-lbs strung w/ ¾-in line.

Enid Super Bowl rotary table hydraulically drive w/16-in opening.

Integral doghouse w/ BOP controls, knowledge box, lockers etc.

2005 International Model 5600i6X8 tandem-steer x tri-drive truck

Powered by Cummins ISX565 diesel engine unitized

Eaton 18-speed manual transmission.

Mounted on (2) 20,000-lb front axle and (3) 18,000-lb rears.




Eng. - SN - 79109468

Drive train leaks; clear, minor, mod, severe

Body/Paint Appearance; clear, minor, mod, severe

Interior Appearance; clean, minor, mod, severe

Glass; clear, minor, mod, severe Tires;

Matched & remaining tread averaged 18-mm (front) / 18-mm (rear)

CVIP Current

Overhead Current